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K-State Slate: 12.15.14 - Of Paywalls and Plagues

It's Monday. I don't have a cute name for a slow news Monday. Get to work on that.

Hey, dude. Come home.
Hey, dude. Come home.
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Oddly, it's a somewhat slow Monday. But before we get to our light morning repast, we apologize for the confusion yesterday. Your benevolent despot was under the weather, and everyone else on staff other than BigE was busy. Unfortunately, until last night BigE didn't have permission to post on his own.

He does now. That's what we like to call a well-deserved promotion here at BotC Headquarters-slash-Drive-Thru-Liquors.

Another very critical and important note we must pass along: normally, our policy regarding the Slate is to not link paywalled content unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, both the Capital-Journal and the Star have now excavated that moat. We simply can't not post items from the two major papers of record which cover the Wildcats, so we're just going to have to warn you now and trudge onward as best we can. This paragraph will be a really good test of whether anyone actually reads the Slate, we suppose. But if anyone comments later on the inclusion of paywalled content from Kansas City and Topeka, at least some of you will be able to explain.

Big E previewed last night's game, which we mention since you may have missed it; afterward, he broke it all down.

We've also got the final regular-season installment of Jeff's transitive college football rankings, with some extra-special trivial information in the comments.

Texas Tech's got issues, perhaps. Five-star quarterback recruit Jarrett Stidham decommitted from the Red Raiders Saturday night, and his hoeetown paper, the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, has a report from Phil Riddle on the matter.

More recaps of last night's win: the official recap from K-State, Ken Corbitt from the C-J, Tate Steinlage at the Collegian, Reuters, and -- via the Savannah Morning News -- Collegian editor Adam Suderman for the AP.

Not a recap, but notes from Kellis Robinett at the Star -- focusing on Bruce Weber's decision to have Brian Rohleder be the first player off the bench last night. Weber insists it wasn't a message, and that Rohleder's earned it. Feel free to engage your skeptimeter.

And, um, well, get to work, Bruce: Semi Ojeleye has had enough of Duke.

The women rebounded from their first loss of the season to take down Oral Roberts 53-47 at Bramlage yesterday afternoon. Breanna Lewis led the way with a career-high 22 and the Wildcats used a 14-2 run in the second half to wipe out a six-point Golden Eagle lead. John Zetmeir reports for the C-J, the Tulsa World also recaps from staff reports, and finally there's the official recap.