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K-State Slate: 12.12.14 - Vanier construction underway

Your Friday news and notes, with profuse apologies to Don McLean

Tyler Lockett, All-American
Tyler Lockett, All-American
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was just a day ago,
We told you things were slow.
But here's BracketCat watching the RPI,
Your hopes, don't get 'em up too high.
The Wildcats are only ranked one-ninety-fo'.

Tyler Lockett, he's scholar-athlete of the year, an All-American.
But the Walter Camp folks, they must be mistaken.
He's only on the second team, a token.
Obviously, the voters fill their ballots drunken.

Coaches Snyder and Mora respect each other.
Jim thinks Bill's been a great mentor.
Snyder's got time to write many a letter,
Now that Sean does all the work of his father!

It's bye bye to you, old Vanier.
With time, our memories of you will disappear.
But now we good ol' fans will be drinkin' our beer
We're just scared of a future unclear.
Just scared of a future unclear.