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K-State Slate: 11.3.14 - We Have No Comment

Once again, K-State is in the news for the wrong reasons, and we're just going to ignore it.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There are a whole bunch of stories about K-State and Bill Snyder in the national news this morning that we're not even going to link, because linking to them invites partisan political discussion that has no place here. Obviously, we trust our commenters more than the crowd that have turned our Facebook page into a partisan political battleground over the last three days, but we're just going to avoid any temptations and decline to offer the opportunity for the same thing to happen here.

As such, unless something tangible arises out of the situation in question, we're simply going to declare discussion of the matter off-limits here in its entirety. As far as we can tell, the situation -- as it pertains to the ongoing business of the athletic department -- is concluded; there's nothing further to discuss in that respect. That prohibition will be relaxed in the event the editorial staff posts articles discussing the situation, but any discussion will have to be confined to those posts, and will still be subject to our rules regarding political discussion. That is all.

K-State moved up to #9 in both polls yesterday, TB reports on the Oklahoma State game, and Jeff offers this week's transitivity rankings.

Oddly, the national media isn't talking about K-State's football prospects so much. This shouldn't be taken as disrespect, however; it's more a sign that they're just sitting back and waiting on the result of this Saturday's game with TCU. The winner of that game will suddenly find themselves starind into a full-court media press. So we sort of have a slow Monday for you. Onward:

The Star's Blair Kerkhoff opines on the playoff possibilities for Kansas City's favorite college football teams. Of course, any suggestion that Missouri's actually going to make the playoff is patently absurd, but whatever. (We've linked the Charlotte Observer's carriage of the article, because it's not paywalled but the Star's is.)

K-State gathered up David Ubben's "best team performance" award in this week's best and worst of the Big 12, and although the 'Cats are #2 in his power rankings, it's obvious that K-State and TCU are really 1b and 1a.

Same thing with the Oklahoman's Berry Tramel, who also helpfully lays out the scenario which will result in a five-way tie for the Big 12 One True Champion-ship.

Finally, game time against TCU has now been officially set. 6:30 CT on FOX, nationwide. This, of course, is causing great consternation in Sooner land, where Oklahoma fans are outraged that they keep having to play games at 11am. Let's all get out our microscopic violins, shall we?

Don't look now, but it's officially basketball season. The women take the court tonight at Bramlage for an exhibition game against D-II Emporia State. Tip-off is at 7pm. John Zetmier of the Capital-Journal previews the game, and discusses Haley Texada's return from injury.

The Wildcats picked up some more victories on the closing day of the Jason's Deli Collegiate Invitational in Houston, closing out their fall schedule. Freshman Laura Hopton went 3-0 on the weekend, and Hopton teamed with Livia Cirnu to also record an unbeaten record in doubles.