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K-State Slate: 11.29.14 - Sunflower Gameday

All your gameday news and notes, and your early game open thread

Purple Power? Purple Pride!
Purple Power? Purple Pride!
Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

[Ed: Many apologies for the lateness of this Slate]

Here's your gameday-specific content.

Jon Morse talks to misterbrain from Rock Chalk Talk for the Kansas Q&A and then continues to consort with the enemy, answering questions for RCT's Behind Enemy Lines feature on Kansas State.

TB kicks the tires on that school down the river, and uses phrases like "cause for concern."

ETA:  Jon also answered questions for Dan Harmsen of the University Daily Kansan.

Kevin Haskin has your Sunflower Showdown Saturday Drill, and uses the hashtag #kansanscanplay. Make of that what you will, but there are significantly more Kansans on the Kansas State roster than at that other school, and all these in-state players are fully aware of what this game means.

The Wildcats are understandably wary of a motivated and improving Kansas team, as Arne Green notes in the Salina Journal. B.J. Finney notes that Clint Bowen seems to be the difference maker, i.e. the players like him and are better motivated to play. The Kansas players are similarly wary, this time because of K-State's defense, according to Rustin Dood in the Kansas City Star.

A display of his father's and uncle's accomplishments in his grandparents' home prompted Tyler Lockett to emulate them and rise to greater heights.

It's Senior Day in Manhattan, and we'll be saying goodbye to some good people who will don the purple at home for the last time: Jake Waters, B.J. Finney, Jonathan Truman, Ryan Mueller, Tyler Lockett, Curry Sexton, Zach Trujillo and Zach Nemechek, to name just a few. Thank you for all you've done, and good luck in all your endeavors.

Elsewhere in the conference, Wendell Barnhouse previews the Big 12, and Art Briles says the team is focused only on the game at hand, even if the Bears are taking on Texas Tech in a big-time venue.

West Virginia and Iowa State are also in action today.

Because Kansas State is playing an afternoon game, THIS IS YOUR EARLY GAME OPEN THREAD. Go to town, folks.

For all your TV schedule needs, check out Jon Morse's Week 14 TV Schedule.

Happy Gameday! Let's go, Cats! #BeatKU