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K-State Slate: 11.21.14 - You Shall Not Run

Post-game reaction and more on this chilly Friday.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is an outtake from the classic film, Bill Snyder and the Brass Ring.

[Scene. The walls of Milan Puskar stadium rise out of the cold, hard ground. BILL SNYDER and DANA DIMEL walk towards it, looking determined and ready.

Sudden CUT TO BIG CLOSE-UP of a man with frighteningly bad hair.]

HOLGO: 'Eers! 'Eers! 'Eers! 'Eers!

SNYDER: Who are you?

HOLGO: We are the Team That Says… 'Eers!

SNYDER: No! Not the Team That Says 'Eers!

DIMEL: Who are they?

HOLGO: We are the keepers of the sacred words: 'Eers, Punt, and 'Eers-TD!


SNYDER: Those who hear these words seldom live to tell the tale!

HOLGO: The Team That Says 'Eers demands a sacrifice!

SNYDER: Team That Says 'Eers, we are but a small market group of try-hards making a push for the brass ring that lies beyond Morgantown.

HOLGO: 'Eers! 'Eers! 'Eers! 'Eers!


HOLGO: We shall say ''Eers' again to you if you do not appease us.

SNYDER: Well, what is it you want?

HOLGO: We want... a rushing yard!

[dramatic music]

SNYDER: A what?

HOLGO: 'Eers! 'Eers!


SNYDER: Please, please! No more! We shall find a rushing yard.

HOLGO: You must return here with a rushing yard or else you will never get out of Morgantown alive!

SNYDER: Team That Says 'Eers, that is just and fair. We will return with a rushing yard.

HOLGO: A quality rushing yard!

SNYDER: Of course.

HOLGO: And not adjusted for sacks! Now... go!

[A little while later, and well into the fourth quarter, SNYDER AND DIMEL prowl the sidelines]

SNYDER: O, Team That Says 'Eers, we have brought you your one rushing yard. May we go now?

HOLGO: It is a good rushing yard. But I've seen better. Also, there is one small problem.

SNYDER: What is that?

HOLGO: We are now... no longer the Team That Says 'Eers.

RANDOM: 'Eers!

HOLGO: Quiet! We are now the Team That Says Punt-punt-INT-TD-fumble-fumble-INT-punt.

RANDOM: 'Eers!

HOLGO: Therefore, we must give you a test.

SNYDER: What is this test, O Team Previously Known as The Team That Says 'Eers?

HOLGO: Firstly, you must find... another rushing yard!

[dramatic music]

SNYDER: Not another rushing yard!

HOLGO: Then, when you have found the rushing yard, you must put it next to the other one, and see if you can run up the middle from the 2-yard line.

RANDOM: Run up the middle! From the 2! 'Eers!

HOLGO: Then, when you have found the rushing yard, you must find a way to stop our backup quarterback!

[dramatic music]

SNYDER: We shall do no such thing!

HOLGO: Oh, please!

SNYDER:  Stopping your backup quarterback? It can't be done.

RANDOM: Win! Win!

HOLGO: Don't say that word.

SNYDER: What word?

HOLGO: I cannot tell, suffice to say it is one of the words the Team of 'Eers cannot hear.

There was some West Virginia-specific content yesterday that's probably stale now. Two things that are not stale, however, are BracketCat's RPI Watch, and Jon Morse's Week 13 TV schedule.

This one is evergreen and bears repeated reading: Campus Classic from 2012-Kansas State 55, West Virginia 14.

If you are so inclined, you should definitely start your revisit of the game with Jon's excellent post-game reaction: 3 Things We Learned.

Meanwhile, here are the rest of your game recaps in no particular order: K-State SID (not attributed); K-State Collegian (Austin Earl); The Wichita Eagle (Kellis Robinett); Topeka Capital-Journal (Ken Corbitt); West Virginia MetroNews (Allan Taylor); Associated Press (via ESPN).

While the entire effort could be described as ugly, it's not everyday that a team travels to Morgantown and comes back with a win. This particular win, and I know we all use the term loosely, was keyed by a 400-yard passing game from Jake Waters, and an exemplary (though not perfect) performance from freshman kicker Matthew McCrane.

The Collegian's Emilio Rivera grades the game. He's more generous than I would be, but perhaps the special teams do deserve a high grade, if only for putting 20 of the 26 Kansas State points up. Tyler Lockett and his second punt return for a touchdown were things of beauty after all.

What impact this has on the playoff race and/or the Big 12's ultimate representative is unclear, but if nothing else, Baylor has our attention.

Happy Friday, all!