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K-State Slate 11.18.2014-Kansas State MBB Survives & Football Previews.

Kansas State's win against UMKC dominates today's slate, while football previews begin to roll in, and folks are still upset that the Equestrian program is being cut.

Justin Edwards is just one of many scoring options Bruce Weber has.
Justin Edwards is just one of many scoring options Bruce Weber has.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State's game against UMKC last night provided us with a litany of links so let's get right to them.

First, we welcomed a new writer to the staff, TheBigE, who wrote an awesome game preview of the UMKC-KSU game. Following the game I recapped a closer than expected game from a spunky Kangaroo team. Sandwiched in between was Jon Morse's breakdown of the AP and Coaches Top 25 for Men's Basketball (yes, it was a basketball day at Bring on the Cats).

However, the most important article written at Bring on the Cats was written by TB, and had nothing to do with sports at all. Cancer is something that has affected my life very intimately as I know multiple people who have suffered from such a terrible disease. My heart goes out to TB, and his friend Aaron Kennedy. Please go read TB's article about Aaron, and send up good thoughts and prayers (if that's your thing). TB please let Aaron know that while I've never met him I wish him godspeed in his recovery and know that you and he are both in my prayers.

Ken Corbitt reports on K-State's final home game of the season against Kansas, which will be the only afternoon kick off at Bill Snyder Family Stadium this season.

The Salina Post's Stan Unruh, has a story about Tyler Lockett being named a semi-finalist for the Bilenikoff Award, the award for the best receiver in college football.

The associated press has your preview of the Ksnsas State-West Virginia game, via

From the Daily Athenaeum, Dillon Durst writes that the Kansas State Wildcats are the most fundamentally sound team that West Virginia will face or have faced all season.

FoxSports Kansas City's Sean Keeler, has your story on the Men's Basketball Tournament returning to Kansas City for the 2017 NCAA tournament. St. Louis and Oklahoma City will host the first and second round games in 2016, while Tulsa will host in 2017.

Ricky O'Donnell, from the mothership, has a great post on the four best things about Brandon Bolden's block that has gone viral on Vine.

Recaps of last nights victory over UMKC:

KC Star/Wichita Eagle.

The Capital Journal

The Dail Astorian (AP)

The Collegian.

Hays Post.

Salina Post

Kellis Robinett has his notebook dump from last nights game.

Marcus Foster was named to the Wooden watch list (which is basically a list of the 50 top college basketball players).

Sean Keeler is back, this time with his story on the multitude of options available to Bruce Weber, and with those options come a huge upside for Kansas State.

Ann Marie Bush of the Capital Journal, writes about the anger many parents of equestrian riders have with the decision to cut the program.

The Wildcats started out the season well, but have recently dropped two straight Big 12 matches, including the most recent event against Baylor.