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K-State Slate: 11.17.14 - Shifting Gears

There's still football left, but the calendar's turning and we have to make like Janus.

Nigel Johnson's all the rage this morning.
Nigel Johnson's all the rage this morning.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

November. That month when the warmth of summer finally gives way to the chill of winter, at least until that inexplicable heat wave strikes and turns Thanksgiving into Labor Day redux. When we plot a feast, then hurl ourselves without regard to sanity or safety into the annual ritual of holiday shopping. When football starts to dwindle, and the sound of rubber squeaking against polyurethane begins to overcome our senses.

It's that time of year when, more than any other, our attention is bifurcated and easily broken. In this case, the apprehension we feel over the final testament of this year's football squad competes with the excitement we feel over the dawn of a new basketball season. And as we turn that corner, we suddenly find ourself with a Slate which has exactly one football item, and a whole bunch of squeakyfouls.

Then again, coming off a bye week probably contributes a great deal to that.

Oh, we had us a busy Sunday, didn't we? The Wildcats moved up one or two spots, depending on which poll you look at. BracketCat surprised us all (including your benevolent despot) with the return of the RPI Watch. Jeff returned with his weekly Transitivity Rankings. We've got everything you need to know to enjoy tonight's game with the Tiger-slaying Kangaroos (and later today, a full preview courtesy of The Big E). Finally, Pervis returns with this week's Crowdsourcing poll.

David Ubben reminds everyone that K-State's still playing for tangible reward as opposed to just pride in this week's power rankings. And that's all the football you get today.

The Star's Kellis Robinett is already resigned to the Wildcats running, as Bruce Weber put it, a "two-headed monster" at point guard. Nigel Johnson rightly understands that two solid point guards is hell on an opposing defense.

Ken Corbitt at the Capital-Journal has more on Johnson, and reports that Wesley Iwundu may return tonight but Malek Harris is a question mark and Nino Williams is still sidelines.

Finally, to wrap this terribly slow Monday, we've got previews of tonight's game from the Salina Journal and from Tate Steinlage of the Collegian. Steinlage offers more information on Williams, reporting that he'll probably be available in Long Beach.