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K-State Slate: 10.24.14 - The Cats in the Hat

Hey look!
This is the way
We make like Dr. Seuss
Before the Cats play and play.

One. Tough. Dude
One. Tough. Dude
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Not much happened that I'm aware.
Not much happened here or there.
But BracketCat remembered to ask
How do the Wildcats in the NFL fare?

The sun will shine.
It will be a great day.
We will sit in BSFS.
We will watch K-State play.

So we'll see Jake Waters, a perfect fit.
He'll be tough, run the ball, and even throw it!
A little bit to Curry Sexton
But mostly just to Tyler Lockett.

Congratulations, Coach!
You made the Hall of Fame ballot.
But all this talk of retirement?
Now we need to cleanse our palate.

A win over Texas would be just fine.
Jonathan Truman is ready to tackle
The running game and the passing battle.
WR John Harris? Meet Danzel McDaniel.

Did Josh Heupel make the right call?
Berry Tramel says no, he did not at all.
With a yard to go, the Sooners got a loss.
Even with Samaje Perine and Alex Ross.

I am Gronk,
Gronk I am.
Do you like to run
Here or there?
I like to run here
I like to run there
I like to run everywhere.

Basketball is right around the corner.
Wesley Iwundu and Nigel Johnson are on the roster
And so is Marcus Foster.
With Kelly McHugh they chat, they sing.
They really want to grab that brass ring.

Natali Jones had twelve kills. She also had seven blocks. The volleyball team cleaned Oklahoma's clocks. Next up, the team hits the road. They'll play the Mountaineers to plenty of cheers.

Oh! The places they'll go!
The tennis team is off to the Drake Jamboree
They'll achieve great things! With just a tennis ball and their racket strings.

(Ed: This was a lot of hard work.
But I had to make the Friday Slate worth its salt.
Besides, it's really all Warden's fault.)