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K-State Slate: 10.16.14 - Hoping for a Repeat

With KSUEMAW's Slate, the gauntlet was thrown;
But I am not one to be outdone.
And if the rhyme doesn't make much sense
Remember, there's always poetic license.

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Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Is that Yost smiling?
Royals win it 2-1!
It's CrownTown, baby.




Yesterday was a fun day at BotC;
With content delivered nonsensically.
We brought you the FEPO
And had a chat with Jordan Esco
While catching up with Wildcats in the N(o) F(un) L(eague).




It was just two years ago in Norman,
That K-State won with defense and Collin Klein.
When the Wildcats take to the Field of Owen,
A repeat performance would be just fine.
Will Bill Snyder come out on top
Against the superstar he once taught?
Ubben says yes, with defense and a little POP,
This K-State-OU game will be hard-fought.
Five things Sooners fans should know about K-State:
The team lost a close game to Auburn,
But Jake Waters is good and Tyler Lockett is great,
And from their mistakes, the Wildcats did learn.
Is this the biggest game on the K-State schedule?
Sure, but every week has the same potential.




Some sad news for the purple faithful:
Long-time assistant Wayne McClain has passed away.
He'd been with Bruce Weber for the last nine years,
including as director of student-athlete development at K-State.
We take a moment to offer our condolences
to the McClain family and the K-State community.




K-State golfers tied for second at the Bill Ross Intercollegiate;
To their fall season, an end appropriate.
Victory on the distaff side was more immediate;
When the women's team won at the Ron Moore Intercollegiate.




Tennis is back now;
Castellano and Juhasz
Travel to OU.

TCU was swept by No. 25 K-State
A team 0.307 sealed the Horned Frogs' fate.
Kylee Zumach had 11 kills and four blocks;
A hard-fought first set turned into a walk.