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K-State Slate: 10.15.14-See Kansas State Win

See Kansas State run. See Kansas State throw. See Kansas State beat Oklahoma (and Texas).

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See Willie Run
See Willie Run
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

See Luke pick. See Jon pick. See Luke and Jon pick.

Curtis said, "Ten teams. Two ringers. Ten and two is twelve. Rank them, I will. I will rank them."

BracketCat said, "Analyze, analyze. Analyze, Bill, analyze. Analyze and see who starts."

"Plan, plan," wrote Brandon Chatmon. "See Snyder. See wise Snyder beat Bobby."

"Four, four," said Jake Trotter. "Trotter has four, four, four. Four big games for K-State."

ESPN asked "Who is best? Best in the Big 12?" Trotter said, "It is Danzel."

"Who is Oklahoma," said Arne Green. "Who are they?"

Kellis Robinett said, "It is not 1998. It is not 2003. It is not the Baylor Bears. It is the big win at OU."

"Yes, yes," said Chatmon, "Oh, Matt, yes you kick."

Ken Corbitt said "Who is returning? Who is returning kicks?"

"It is not Tech," said Matt Gasper. "It is not Auburn" "It is Oklahoma."

See Bill. See Bill coach. See Bill coach in "the most important game that we'll play this year."

"Oh, Mechelle Voepel," said K-State. "You know we own Texas."

"It is not soccer," said Robinett. "It is not softball." "Not softball," said Casie Maxwell. "Oh, oh! We'll still compete."

Ed. note: This slate was inspired by the children's stories Fun with Dick and Jane and See Spot Run, and is all the evidence you need that one should never issue ludicrous dares in comments.