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Dear K-State Coaches: Don’t Make Cameo Vids Without Consulting Someone

The personalized celebrity message site can absolutely be used for evil. Hilarious evil.

Translating Chris Klieman at Media Days in Bill Snyder speak

Just in case anyone’s pining for the days of Bill Snyder’s annual Big 12 press conferences, we tried to imagine what Chris Klieman’s answers might have sounded like if they’d come from Snyder instead.


After defeating Oklahoma and ruining the Sooners’ playoff chances, the Big 12 has reprimanded K-State and forced them to issue a public apology (sort of...)

TRASH TALK: Kentucky

Instead of the usual, we’re having a John Calipari caption contest.

Translating Bill Snyder at Big 12 Media Days

Once again, we help you decode Bill Snyder’s answers at college football’s most unnecessary annual event.

10 Things I Hate About Bruce

In the style of 10 Things I Hate About You, check out my angst filled poetry towards the most confusing feelings I’ve had towards a coach in a while.

Movie Night: Caddyshack

KSUEMAW provides his thoughts on his FIRST-EVER VIEWING (the hermit) of Caddyshack and prepares you for the next installment of Movie Night.

Movie Night with BotC

We’re bringing pop culture to the backwaters of Oklahoma, one film at a time.

Featured Fanshot

Gracey Terrill joins ESPN Radio 99.5

Check out the interview above and let me know what you think about this Kansas State team heading into Waco!

Women’s Basketball Takes On Mannequin Challenge

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Vine fades, Glory is forever

Vine is no longer going to be a thing on Twitter, here is one of our favorites from the Vine experience over the last few years...

Big 12 and Pokemon

Time to compare Big 12 teams to Pokemon!

Big 12 reduces football official crews to 4

Making the conference better, one drunken decision at a time.

Big 12 Expansion: Clemson or nah?

Gracey Terrill dives into the idea of bringing on another comically orange school to the Big 12 and if that is really necessary.

EXPANSIONPALOOZA: The Case for Clemson

Okay, we'll go back to being somewhat serious. For a day.

EXPANSIONPALOOZA: The Case for Texas State

Your task: decide if Jon is just playing dumb today.


Ever since Texas voted them out of the conference by a 1-9 margin, we've suffered.

EXPANSIONPALOOZA: The Case Against Michigan

Michigan in the Big 12 may be a tongue-in-cheek proposal, but here are the real reasons Michigan is a terrible fit.

EXPANSIONPALOOZA: The Case for Michigan

Surely the Big 12 could benefit from such a prestigious program.

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Gracey Terrill talks all things Kansas State with ESPN 94.1

Join myself and Cody Hudson of ESPN 94.1 chatting about all things court storming, sportsmanship, etc for this week's interview! Direct link available here

A Modest Proposal: Kansas State Edition

An inside look at the only option Kansas State faces going into another losing season of sports that everyone else seems to be good at in the Big 12.

Find out the real "c word" of sports

Discover why the usage of classy, class act, classless, etc. needed to end yesterday

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Gracey Terrill talks all things Kansas State

Check out my weekly interview with Cody Hudson of ESPN 94.1 in Emporia talking all things Kansas State hoops and then some...

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Were there Wildcats in the Super Bowl?

Did you think the Super Bowl lacked a lot of #EMAW? Yeah... me too (among other things like excitement) so luckily we found this little tidbit via Twitter! Turns out Kansas State Aviation was reppin' for the Wildcats on Sunday. Cool to know #EMAW nation is everywhere!

Historical Reasons Why K-State Can Beat Kansas

Gracey explains, using history, why Wednesday's trip to Lawrence isn't a foregone conclusion.

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Don't try Richard Sherman with a sorry reciever like Lockett...

Seems like everyone was all smiles at the 2016 Pro Bowl! The Kansas State superstar Tyler Lockett continued to shine like he did all year in Seattle. I bet no one will ever look past him due to size or whatever other BS that scouts said he wasn't worthy of a pick! Congrats to Tyler Lockett on another outstanding athletic performance and we look forward to seeing more of this young man.

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K-State men's basketball managers ranked #1

The actual varsity squad may be struggling, but the managers are rocking the house with a 2-0 record. If they're not careful, they might get drafted.

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BOTC Issues a Public Reprimand

BOTC Issues a Public Reprimand of the Big 12 Conference

Big 12 Conference gives K-State the boot

After an obscene display by the K-State Marching Band, the Big 12 has washed its hands of Kansas State. (kind of...)

Translating Bill Snyder at Big 12 Media Days

Find out what Kansas State's legendary coach really meant when he spoke with media for one of college football's most overblown exercises Monday morning.

Big 12 announces sanctions against K-State

After a tragic court-storming and chickenwinging incident in Manhattan, the Big 12 has announced a sweeping sanction against K-State.

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Cornhusker fan demands we all get off his lawn

Let's all feel bad for the poor old people who just can't understand why we can't live our lives the way they did in 1965. In this epic rant on HuskerMax, a Nebraska fan goes ballistic over all the horrible things we've done to his precious football experience. Things like inventing cell phones, taking debit cards at concession stands, and playing that awful devil music the kids are into these days.


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