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Fantasy Fandom

Farewells Before the Last War

But how many of the departed are really gone?

Death Falters. Now what?

The Battle of Winterfell finds a satisfying end. But could the show have peaked too soon?

Last Night for the Seven Kingdoms?

Winterfell braces for battle in the second episode of Season 8, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms."

Fantasy Fandom: Back to Winterfell

We’re back to comment on the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones

Price Paid for Stupid Plans

Remember when we said Dany’s power had to be diminished to keep the story interesting? Yeah. Done.

Spoiling the Viewers? Game of Thrones Grants another Wish.

The Queen’s Justice Served Cold

Cersei exacts revenge, as we should expect. But another queen seems to be wandering from her true self.

Noisy Open, Quiet Close in Game of Thrones Premiere

The players are all in Westeros. On with the game!

One Countdown Down

Game of Thrones Season Seven Starts Sunday

Game of Thrones Season Six Wraps with Conflagration, Coronations

Cersei's desperate act to avoid trial alters the landscape heading into the long off-season.

Fantasy Fandom: Battle of the Bastards

Things that are hyped for a year seldom live up to expectations. "Battle of the Bastards" is an exception to that rule.

Fantasy Fandom: Finally Someone. Now what?

It didn't match Hardhome. But "No One" set one major character on the course home and hinted at battles to come.

Fantasy Fandom: Everyone is Broken

Fantasy Fandom: First Ranger Returns

Will Ice rule the day? Or will Fire vanquish the ancient foe?

Fantasy Fandom: Hold the Door

The rules of the Game of Thrones are forever altered.

Fantasy Fandom: The Ever-Present Stranger

Kids, don't play with fire...

Fantasy Fandom: Missions of the Reborn

Fandom Friday is all growed up now, as the Artist Formerly Known as ichacat moves to the front page.


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