Darren Sproles Career Highlights


Found on Youtube, from Dezman Productions. Pretty good compilation of Sproles' highlights. First song used does contain language that could offend, otherwise the video is clean.

K-State Football | Gameday Experience


Hype is real for the new season. Go Cats!

Happy Tuesday!

bill snyder dance machine from chunkles on Vimeo.

If you are having a slow Tuesday, here is a great video to get you through the day! While this video isn't anything new, it is a classic that the one and only @Chunkled! Be sure to check out the remix!

Jordy Nelson: Substitute Teacher


What did the former Wildcat All-American do while he was missing the 2015 NFL season, out of action after hip surgery? He taught third grade, filling in as a substitute in Riley for a teacher who was out of action while fighting cancer . What a world.

Bill Snyder, class act.


After a scary injury to Dominique Reed, Bill Snyder walked out to the field to check on the young man. Reed was later carted off the field with an apparent head/neck injury. Hopefully the injury is not serious.

K-State Liberty Bowl Video


Time to get hyped! Here's the video the Cats ran out to today.

K State/Mizzou fans team up to troll KU Football


Nobody is surprised that two K State and Mizzou grads got together to troll the Jayhawk's season. At all. And nothing can make you feel better about a 6-6 record than watching your in-state rival struggle to even beat an FCS team. Ouch. Watch this touching tribute to KU's historic "perfect" 0-12 season.

Did K-State's Justin Edwards get away with one at the buzzer?


Maybe, but we don't care. K-State's about due for a break on something like this anyway, right?

Vine courtesy Radi Nabulsi

Explaining this year's NCAA MBB rule changes


Courtesy of the NCAA, here's a video guide explaining the various rule changes going into effect for the 2015-16 men's basketball season. Presented by J.D. Collins, the NCAA's coordinator of officials for men's basketball, this 15-minute spot explains the changes in the rulebook designed to decrease physical play and increase freedom of movement.

Key hits: kickouts by shooters will no longer be a foul on the defender (and may be on the offensive player), you can't score on a charge anymore period, the shot clock can be reviewed the entire game, the defensive arc has been expanded, verticality clarifications, defensive armbars are legal on offensive players with their back to the basket, faking fouls can now be reviewed, new rules on the 10-second count, coaches can only call timeout during a dead ball, and more.

This is good stuff, and we can't recommend highly enough that you watch it. In fact, if you don't watch it and then you scream about fouls in game threads and you're wrong, we might... make fun of you. Muahahah.

Look for a breakdown of this video from TheBigE in the next few days.

Textanic- The "Unsinkable" Dynasty


Witness the rise, and downfall of the UT Football program. Enjoy!