Two Wildcats Earn All-Region Honors


Kansas State juniors James Allen and Nick Martini were named to the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) All-Midwest Region second team, the ABCA has announced.

I was reading an article on the Mercury's website about how Reggie Walker feels bad for those...


I was reading an article on the Mercury's website about how Reggie Walker feels bad for those possible undrafted free agents with the lock out and all, and read he was training at Simmoneau Sports Performance in KC...So I googled that since I was curious to see what Mark has going, and found this crazy video of Ian Campbell. Pretty sweet. I wanna try. I hurdled in HS.

ADJC lives up to Business Savvy tag


Icing on the cake for a good sports year. Wow the strides this department has made in two very short years. When John Currie took the job about this time two years ago, things were quite a bit different folks. Observe the plus side of time for once.

Ballpark Boys 2011


The Boys of Summer: Jack Wilson, Travis Smith, Kellan Larson and Kendal Young sit in the camper/van that will soon be their home as they travel across the country on a 54-day journey to see a baseball game in all 30 major league stadiums.

Self happens to land prized recruit, Kevin Young, who had previously signed with San Diego State.


Steve Fisher is less than pleased with the ethics of both the kid and Self--though he's still "very fond of" both. And by "very fond of", he most likely means "thinks that both are unethical a-holes." I, of course, would never question the integrity of such a model program. They would never challenge ethical boundaries in pursuit of a recruit that would have otherwise gone elsewhere. In related news, I own a piece of property in southern Riley county that I would like to put up for sale. It has some great views of the ocean.

K-State Enjoys Stellar Athletics Season in 2010-11


Mark Janssen provides a nice exclamation point to the season.

Plenty of basketball expectations from players new and old


I know the majority of people to care to read Kellis, but I still read the stuff, and desperate times call for desperate measures. He also had a feature story in the Star today on Pullen and the draft.

Spradling MVP for Athletes in Action Tour


Pretty good writeup from Mark Janssen. I expect big things from La Flamba Blanca this year.