Klieman on Positivity


"Sometimes we all have a tendency to take it from a negative standpoint. I’m telling you guys, 18-22 year olds can’t handle the negative side of things. I’m asking you guys, I’m asking for your help, we need to be more positive. I know we can play better. You know we can play better. But we’ve got to give these kids more positive things, because we’ve got a great locker room in there and our kids do care about each other and our kids love each other. Coaches that believe in these kids and we can’t give up on them." -Chris Klieman

NCAAF Computer Picks

Alex Cora draws a comparison between Nick Pivetta and a former pitcher from the Red Sox


Put short rest aside; Nick Pivetta was fully prepared to take the mound for the Red Sox on Wednesday night. After pitching four innings last Saturday in Boston's 5-4 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park, the experienced right-handed pitcher found himself back on his home turf just three days later, facing off against Kansas City and delivering a solid five-inning performance. During this impressive display, Pivetta conceded a mere two runs on four hits while striking out eight, ultimately contributing to the Red Sox's 4-3 triumph.

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"We're not going to be scared of anyone that we play, and I want to make sure that we go into every match thinking that we have a chance to win..."

️ Coach Jason Mansfield #KStateVB

RWC 2023 live

— K-State Volleyball (@KStateVB) August 4, 2023

Star Lineman Cooper Beebe Reviewed


NFL Sites have taken notice of our guy. Love what he can do. Go Cats!!

Friday Football Flashback


2011 K-State vs. University of Kansas Football (second half).

Coach Snyder Remains The Best


There are so many reasons why Bill Snyder is the most gracious and hard working coach in college football, so add this one to the list. Not only does Coach Snyder send thank you notes to opposing team's players, apparently he responds to his fan mail! The infamous purple pen is very recognizable in this recent photo posted by Jason Lamb. Do you have a handwritten note from Coach Snyder? Feel free to share with us, we'd love to see them!

Sproles talks retiring after 2017


Darren Sproles to retire after 2017 season.