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BotC Roundtable: It’s Been a Day

The staff convenes to talk about ALL THE THINGS

Thank you, Will.

Howard may be done playing at K-State, but he’ll always be one of us.

The Big 12 Expands: Making Sense of the Timeline

The media failed you by just parroting every source without considering those sources’ motivations.

Opinion: Kick ’em while they’re down, Brett

The Pac-10 tried to kill the Big 12 in 2010. The Big 12 can’t worry about hurting the Pac-12 now.

Yes, Virginia, the NCAA CAN Enforce Its Rules

Yesterday’s declaration by the NCAA has created a firestorm, but they’re... correct.

K-State Basketball: Good Vibes Only

There’s a new coach in town, so lets try to keep it positive for at least the first year.

Criticism or Caution? Coach Weber’s Parting Lament

Instead of being insulted by Bruce’s social media complaint, should K-State fans engage in some introspection?

Time To Put Up or Shut Up K-State Fans

Show up, be loud, and get back in from halftime. It’s not that hard.

All-in-All, It Could Be Much Worse

Don’t fret yet, Wildcats fans!

SLATE: The greatest play fake ever

Big names upended the entire narrative on Sunday.

Bring On The Cats: Stadium Confusion

Y’all help me out, what’s going on with K-State home games?

Kansas State Football: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

It’s time for Wildcat fans to turn and face the strange.

SLATE: Scuttling the coaching search rumors

Also, K-State might have its tenth assistant but we’re not sure yet.

What I Learned From Being Dead Wrong About Dabo Swinney

Please, learn from my mistake.

What now? Every coach we can think of who might replace Bill Snyder

The Bill Snyder era is over. All we have now are memories.

Before we start speculation as to what the future might hold for K-State football, it’s important to pause and reflect.

Family Conflict: Head and Heart Collide over K-State’s Football Future

Some of us are not going to get what we want. Can we find it within ourselves to live with that?

The End of Coaching Dynasties

How two legendary coaches stepped away from the programs they built.

Thoughts on the College Basketball Corruption Trial

Come on! Everybody take a side.

Is this the worst K-State football team since 1989?

With continued mistakes, mounting injuries and depth concerns and a daunting remaining schedule, is this the worst team we’ve seen in nearly 30 years?

It’s time we ask Bill Snyder the hard questions

Bill Snyder has built a mountain of well-deserved good will in Kansas and across the country, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be asked hard questions.

How Michael Bishop Broke Bill Snyder

Michael Bishop was an otherworldly talent, brought K-State almost to the top of the highest mountain...and broke Bill Snyder in the process.

Thoughts on K-State After Morgantown

It’s simpler than you might think

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Sup Y’all

Roundtable: best and worst of 2017

BotC’s staff closes 2017 with a look back at the highs and lows.

SLATE: Currie tried to back-door Snyder

Yesterday was a nightmarish mess. Plus: Mizzou, Cal-Irvine, and more.

ICYMI: Weekly Facebook Live

Join Gracey Terrill talking about all things K-State!

NCAA, its members, and disaster response

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of the Gulf Coast. NCAA institutions have marshaled charitable response, but bureaucracy intervenes.

Math says St. John’s is #1 this week.

Sorry, Bama. Until games start connecting, you have to wait your turn.

ICYMI: Gracey Terrill on ESPN 99.5

Joining Cody Hudson to talk the latest about K-State and then some!

Wildcat Chats with GAT

Come join the conversation about all things K-State over on our Facebook page!

ICYMI: Gracey Terrill on Facebook Live

Talking all things K-State and wanting your input!


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