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Bring on the PodCats with David Ubben

Our favorite Big 12 reporter returns to talk about Bill Snyder’s uncertain future, K-State’s dynamic backfield, and the birth of Flyover Country

Kansas State v TCU
Experienced senior quarterbacks generally mean a great season is ahead for Kansas State, and Jesse Ertz hasn’t give us any reason to think this one will be any different.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

David Ubben got the attention of Kansas State fans Monday morning by going more in-depth on his theory that Bill Snyder’s health might not allow him to coach the entire season, and we learned those feelings are shared by some within the program. Naturally, we wanted to learn a little more, so KSUEMAW! and I went a little more in-depth with Ubben on how such a scenario might play out, and how likely it is to happen in the first place.

We also discussed why K-State’s backfield might just be the best in the Big 12, and Ubben believes the Wildcat defense might be the best in the league come November. Does that all add up to a Big 12 championship? Maybe the playoffs? It’s not entirely out of the question.

Of course, Ubben also told us all about his new site, Flyover Country, and why you should subscribe for the best insight into Big 12 football. Give it a listen, maybe read a free article or two and make your own decision, but know that we highly recommend becoming a patron.

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