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Bring on the Podcast with WVUIE97

Mark of West Virginia blog The Smoking Musket tells us a little more about the frustrating tendencies of the Mountaineers, why he's impressed with Kansas State, and his thoughts on why Baylor might not lose.

Ah, memories.
Ah, memories.
Justin K. Aller

As some of you may recall, I was fortunate enough to go up to Morgantown for last year's Kansas State game, where I was invited to an excellent West Virginia pregame tailgate by some of the good folks at The Smoking Musket. One of them was the blog's manager, WVUIE97 or Mark in real life, and since West Virginia is visiting Manhattan this weekend, it seemed like a good time to catch up.

Regrettably, neither Mark nor any of his fellow bloggers are making the (admittedly quite long) trip, though of course I won't be there either. But along with fellow podcast regular Derek Smith, we had what I hope you will find to be an enlightening discussion on West Virginia's individual and team abilities, many of which seem to vary considerably from week to week.

We also spent some time talking about the ridiculous schedule WVU has faced and how they're feeling about life in the Big 12 in their second season. In case you were wondering, Derek and I were invited to The Smoking Musket's podcast, but sadly were unable to participate.

Also, a reminder unless you missed it in the Slate comments a while back, our podcast is now available on iTunes. Check it out, subscribe and review. We would appreciate it.

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