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Doomed to attend K-State in the years which directly led to the hiring of Bill Snyder, Jon joined the BotC staff in 2010 and provides national coverage and commentary, taking over as managing editor in 2013.

In addition to his beloved 'Cats, Jon is also a champion of small college athletics, and sporadically blogs about them at Those Other Guys. He's finally made his way back home to Overland Park, thank goodness.

This stream has:

Storystream: 2024 Roster Reset

Drew is taking a deep dive into the Kansas State roster this off-season.

Pop-Tart Victory: K-State outlasts NC State 28-19

Avery Johnson took the reins and brought home a toaster.

How to Watch: K-State vs NC State in the Pop-Tarts Bowl

BotC Roundtable: It’s Been a Day

The staff convenes to talk about ALL THE THINGS

Finally, a Florida bowl!

Missing, presumed chicken: Notre Dame

Howard, Ward, Rubley leaving via the portal

The Avery Johnson era commences.

FARMAFINAL: Iowa State 42, K-State 35

Was it the snow, or was it just softness? We don’t know.


Snow plows may be required to get this game underway.

ESCAPE: (21) K-State 31, (25) Kansas 27

Kansas is finally going to win this game, but tonight they shot themselves in the foot.

How to Watch: K-State at Kansas

The Jayhawks have a quarterback problem at exactly the worst time... for them.