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Doomed to attend K-State in the years which directly led to the hiring of Bill Snyder, Jon joined the BotC staff in 2010 and provides national coverage and commentary, taking over as managing editor in 2013.

In addition to his beloved 'Cats, Jon is also a champion of small college athletics, and sporadically blogs about them at Those Other Guys. He's finally made his way back home to Overland Park, thank goodness.

FINAL: Missouri 30, (15) K-State 27

The Wildcats did not play well, and still only lost on a SIXTY ONE YARD FIELD GOAL

How to Watch: K-State at Mizzou

The Wildcats invade CoMo for the first time since The Great Betrayal.

K-State stays at 15 in AP poll

There was little movement on a weekend when only four ranked teams lost.

FINAL: Kansas State 42, Troy 13

The defense swarmed, and the offense clicked.

Open Game Thread: Troy at K-State

Let’s see if we can keep this train rolling.

How to Watch: Troy at K-State

You can’t fault K-State for weak scheduling when it comes to the mid-major slot on the calendar.

FINAL: K-State 45, SE Missouri State 0

The Wildcats put on a clinic in the season’s "warmup"

The Big 12 Expands: Making Sense of the Timeline

The media failed you by just parroting every source without considering those sources’ motivations.


Much better ring than "Texas is back", honestly

Yes, Virginia, the NCAA CAN Enforce Its Rules

Yesterday’s declaration by the NCAA has created a firestorm, but they’re... correct.