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Texas Bowl/LSU Preview

Don’t let the decimated roster fool you, this is still a dangerous LSU squad.

2022 Early Signing Day Evaluation: Tight End

The Wildcats picked up two pass-catching tight ends from Nebraska, but what does that mean?

2022 Early Signing Day Evaluation - Offensive Line

It’s early signing day, so let’s start figuring out what this class means, starting up front with the offensive line.

I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Transfer Portal Blues Again Mama!

It’s the time of the year for the transfer portal to grow, so what does that look like for K-State?

Kansas State 17 - Texas 22

Welp, that wasn’t fun.

Bring on the PodCats with Ian Boyd

Ian Boyd of Inside Texas returns to help explain what’s gone so wrong at Texas and if the Longhorns have any fight left for Friday’s game against Kansas State.

Time To Put Up or Shut Up K-State Fans

Show up, be loud, and get back in from halftime. It’s not that hard.

Kansas State 79 - Omaha 64

Dare I say it...the Wildcats made playing basketball look easy for the first time in a long time.

Kansas State 34 - West Virginia 17

The Wildcats win a roller coaster of a game...but remember folks...roller coasters are fun.

Kansas State Football: Cats, man.

Drew drops in for some anaylsis as the Wildcats head into the homestretch of the season.