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Kansas State Football: Sorry Y’all, My Bad

Drew takes one last look at Missouri before moving on to UCF.

Preview: Let’s Talk About Missouri

Drew breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly for the Tigers.

Kansas State Football: Thoughts on Troy.

Drew drops his thoughts on K-State's strong win over a solid Troy squad.

Kansas State Football: Guide to the Troy Offense

Drew checks out what Troy likes to do on offense.

Kansas State Football: Opening Thoughts on Troy

The defending Sun Belt Champs got that dog in ‘em.

Kansas State Football: Depth Chart - Offense - Week 1

Drew checks in with a few mild surprises and one weird position listing for the ‘Cats offense in week 1.

Kansas State Football: Depth Chart - Defense - Week 1

Drew checks out K-State’s fast, undersized defense set to take the field against SEMO tomorrow.

Position Group Breakdown: Interior Offensive Line

K-State’s probable highest draft pick in 2024 got his friends to stick around too.

Position Breakdown: Tight End

You say Tight Endo, I say H-Backo, etc, etc.

Position Group Breakdown: Quarterback

Everyone knows it’s Will Howard’s team this year, but what about the other guys?