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Kansas State Offense vs Oklahoma State Defense by the Numbers.

Drew takes a loot at the Kansas State offense vs the Oklahoma State defense.

Kansas State Football: Nevada Stats Review

Drew breaks down the states from the Wildcats victory over the Wolf Pack

Nevada Defense by the Numbers

How do the two defense stack up?

All-in-All, It Could Be Much Worse

Don’t fret yet, Wildcats fans!

Kansas State Football: Deuce Dominates Without the Ball - Film Review

Deuce dominated the game last Saturday both with and without the ball.

Stanford Defensive Scouting Report

Stanford struggles against the things Kansas State does well. That’s a combination I like.

Week 1 Depth Chart - Offensive Line

Folks! Folks! Folks! We made it to the first depth chart!

Kansas State Football: 2021 Tight End Preview

Can the tight ends be a strength in the passing game? Well, they have to stay healthy first.

Kansas State Football: 2021 Running Back Preview

Deuce is the primary weapon, but some other guys could make noise this season as well.

Kansas State Football: 2021 Quarterback Preview

The starter is clear, but there’s still a battle here.