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Derek has written for Bring On The Cats since 2012 as an editor, football reporter, columnist and feature writer. He has also covered the Wildcats in print from 2014-2016 as sports editor of the Junction City Daily Union in Junction City, Kan.

Jesse Ertz deserves more respect

The obnoxious minority will keep hating, but Ertz is a solid player who keeps producing despite a a clear handicap

One weird stat that suggests K-State can beat Texas

If Jesse Ertz is healthy tomorrow, the Wildcats may have a chance to win

‘We own Texas’

Players, coaches and media attempt to explain K-State’s Longhorn success

Bring on the Podcast with Ian Boyd

One of our favorite and most insightful guests breaks down the problems with the Texas defense and outlines the many weapons of the Longhorns offense.

Jordan Willis talks Kansas State defense

Derek caught the Wildcat DL on camera.

Big 12 officially announces no plans to expand

All discussion of expansion has been officially removed from the conference agenda

Big 12 expansion a no go ‘at this time’

This is getting really old...

Jesse Ertz will start against Texas

Is it good news? Is it bad news? It’s news.

Kansas State 17, Oklahoma 38: Summary and three things we learned

The defense let it go, Hubener isn’t the answer but Delton must not be either

Halftime, maybe not as bad as it looks: Kansas State 10, Oklahoma 24

It ain’t all bad, folks