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Kansas State Football Recruiting: Light on Numbers, Heavy on Talent

In what looks to be a small class, the ‘Cats are prowling for high end talent.


Hey folks, it’s been a minute. Football recruiting usually gives me something to talk about in June, but the ‘Cats didn’t help me out this year. I’ve been focusing on basketball while things in football shake out, but my “incoming transfer” article is on ice until Coach Tang fills the last two spots on the roster.

While there are no June football commits to discuss (yet), that doesn’t mean football recruiting is in the tank. If anything, football recruiting has transitioned from the “ok, it looks like you can run fast, here’s a scholarship offer” strategy Klieman utilized when building back the base athleticism on the roster to a more selective approach this season.

There are two reasons (in my opinion of course) why Kansas State is slow playing this recruiting class.

1. They Can

Recent on-field results have expanded have expanded the available pool of players willing to consider K-State, especially on the upper end of the recruiting spectrum. High end recruits have multiple offers and can wait around to see how things play out. There aren’t many roster necessities outside of offensive line, meaning the staff can go after some guys they normally wouldn’t.

2. Small Class

The 2020 Covid year is still wreaking havoc with roster numbers. Coaches don’t know who might stay or who might go. I guarantee no one on this staff thought Daniel Green would be the starting middle linebacker in the 2023 season. Below are the seniors listed on the roster, along with the number of potential season they have left in their college career, not including the 23/24 season, and the current number of open scholarships for the class of 2024.

This is going to be a small class. That’s a good thing because the coaching staff can wait around for highly rated guys. It also allows the staff to double down on their efforts with the 2025 class, which should have more openings.



Will Howard - Class of 2020 - 1

Open QB Scholarships - 0-1
Current Commits - 1
Scholarships Remaining - 0

The QB room is full even if they lose a transfer.

Offensive Line

Cooper Beebe - Class of 2019 - 1 season
Hayden Gillum - Class of 2018 - 0
Taylor Poitier - Class of 2019 - 1 or 2 (possible medical RS)
KT Leveston - Class of 2018 - 0
Christian Duffie - Class of 2018 - 0

Open OL Scholarships - 4 (Beebe to the NFL, Poitier returns)
Current Commits - 3
Scholarships Remaining - 1 or 2

In-state offensive tackle Kaedin Massey is a big K-State lean. Making a big assumption that Massey takes the 4th scholarship, K-State has 4*, top 100 national recruit Grant Brix on the line as well. He’s probably an over-sign to push this class to five. If not, I think it stops at four unless they find an interior guy late.

Wide Receiver

Jadon Jackson - Class of 2019 - 1 season
Phillip Brooks - Class of 2018 - 0
Seth Porter - Class of 2018 - 0

Open WR Scholarships - 0-2 (Brooks and Porter, both former walk-ons, are almost bonus players on the roster. They don’t have to be replaced if K-State wants to use those scholarships elsewhere).
Current Commits - 0
Scholarships Remaining - 0-2

K-State, in theory, still returns enough WR talent in 24/25 to make this a 0 WR class. The coaches put out some high end offers, but haven’t received any bites from those guys yet. A hot Will Howard start could help land a top tier wide receiver, but it’s not necessary.

Running Back

Treshaun Ward - Class of 2019 - 1

Open RB Scholarships - 1-2
Current Commits - 1
Scholarships Remaining - 0-1

High 3* John Price is committed. There is room for one more back on the roster if the coaches have someone they really like, but they’re probably done at RB.

Tight End

Open TE Scholarships - 0-1
Current Commits - 0
Scholarships remaining - 0-1

It would take an extraordinary talent wanting to play for K-State for the ‘Cats to add someone else to their tight end room in this class.


Defensive End

Khalid Duke - Class of 2019 - 1
Brendan Mott - Class of 2019 - 1

Open DE Scholarships - 0-1 (Maybe one — I think Duke is gone but Mott could return)
Current Commits - 0
Scholarships Remaining - 0-1

This is another position that could already be full, even with Duke leaving. Like wide receiver, the coaching staff has offered several high profile guys that haven’t shown interest, but with the current roster defensive end is a luxury signing.


Keenan Garber - Class of 2019 - 1

Open CB Scholarships - 0-1 (Could go either way w/ Garber after position change)
Current Commits - 0
Scholarships Remaining - 0-1

Another case of the defense already being set at a position. If the right guy comes along, then sure, but otherwise it’s not a pressing concern.


Kobe Savage - Class of 2019 - 0-1

Open S Scholarships - 0-1 (I think, I’m not sure how the Covid year counts w/ Juco guys)
Current Commits - 0-1
Scholarships Remaining - 0-1

Current commit Jake Stonebreaker has the size and speed to play safety. I think he ends up at safety with linebacker as the other option. From what I see, safety is a wrap.


Daniel Green - Class of 2018 - 0
Austin Moore - Class of 2019 - 1

Open LB Scholarships - 0-1
Current Commits - 0
Scholarships Remaining - 0-1

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in-state 4* linebacker Michael Boganowski or bust of the ‘Cats at linebacker. If the local product doesn’t end up in Manhattan, I’m not sure they take a linebacker in the class.

Defensive Tackle

Uso Seumalo - Class of 2022 (JuCo) - 1

Open DT Scholarships - 0
Current Commits - 0
Scholarships Remaining - 0-1

The staff put out some feelers among the top end guys in the class, and nothing so far, but they don’t need anything either. This defense doesn’t require a deep defensive tackle roster. It’s another position the coaches could skip in this class.


These numbers are all speculation at this point because of the transfer portal, but as it stands today, K-State doesn’t need much outside of offensive linemen in this class, and they’ve already got commitments from three of those.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the coaching staff stays close to the numbers I listed above for high school kids and back-filled any open transfer spots with transfer portal guys. After signing several big classes, this one could top out around 12-15 (if that). They’re getting the guys they want on the offensive line, and that’s the one spot that needed young reinforcements.

Don’t get upset if the overall rank of this class is in the 60’s or 70’s, instead focus on the average ranking per recruit, which should be the highest in the Klieman era by a wide margin.

It’s quality over quantity this year.