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Bring on the PodCats with Pistols Firing Blog’s Marshall Scott

Marshall does his best to offer some answers for Oklahoma State’s recent slide as we revel in K-State’s welcome swing in a positive direction

Syndication: The Oklahoman
Kalib Boone gave Kansas State’s some serious problems the first time the two teams met in Manhattan.

We hoped Pistols Firing Blog writer Marshall Scott could provide us some insights into Oklahoma State’s recent struggles during a 3-game losing streak on the heels of an impressive 5-game win streak. While he provided some valuable insights including what they’ve lost with Avery Anderson out and why Kalib Boone getting into foul trouble posed such a big problem, Marshall also struggled at times to explain why the Cowboys simply aren’t doing some things like defending the 3-point line as well as they did earlier this season. Hopefully that lasts for at least one more game.

We also spent some time talking about Oklahoma State’s tournament chances and where K-State belongs, depending on what happens down the stretch. Then we turned our attention briefly to coaches, discussing how hot Mike Boynton’s seat is and whether Jerome Tang deserves to win Big 12 coach of the year (spoiler: he does).

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