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Bring on the Cats Round Table: Late Homework

Drew stops by to give his opinion on the recent goings on in Manhattan.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 16 Kansas State at Missouri Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hey y’all,

I missed the round table yesterday and wanted to answer these questions as well. Consider me an outside opinion with no long-term investment in Kansas State.

So Collin Klein is moving on to definitely greener pastures. Was this a surprise? A disappointment?

I was surprised, but only because I didn’t know he was in play with Elko at Texas A&M. It makes sense; Elko is a defense-oriented coach like Klieman and wants to play complimentary football. His Duke team leaned heavily on the run, despite having Riley Leonard at quarterback. He’ll have every resource known to mankind, and possibly alien-kind, at A&M. He won’t have to work around a single financial restraint.

At the same time, I hope he knows what he’s getting into. With great cash comes great responsibility, and the Aggies consider anything short of a National Championship a failure. Klein walks in on the hot seat and will remain on the hot seat unless A&M wins a national championship. He’s now the property of a bunch of West Texas oil barons who have significantly more money than common sense or patience.

Good luck Colin.

Word of advice, though: get in, get results, get out.

Follow the path Kliff Kingsbury blazed before you, and everything will work out fine.

The first big question in the wake of Klein’s departure is about our next OC, i.e. who is it? Any candidates in mind? Does the program have the resources to make a splashy hire?

I have no idea. I assume Klieman wants to stick with the run-heavy offense that got him this far, but if he ever wanted to put in a new offense, now would be the time. I like the idea of Connor Riley; I’m surprised another school hasn’t laid down big money for his services as an offensive line coach yet. Promoting him to OC (if he even wants the job) would cut that off at the pass.

If you’re looking for a name not currently on the staff, the current North Dakota State offensive coordinator was on Klieman’s staff in Fargo as a tight ends coach in 2018. He’s worked with Connor Riley and Joe Klanderman before and could be looking for a change of pace after the Bison’s early elimination from the playoffs.

Again, just a name. I have no idea if he would even be considered.

Do not consider this a rumor.

What about Avery Johnson? He has the QB room nearly to himself now, but with Klein leaving, will Johnson be motivated to stay? If he does leave, what happens to the Wildcats?

Here’s the advantage of turning your work in late.

I know the answer to this already.

Moving on to basketball, what actually happened here? Does a section of the fanbase need to have just a bit more chill?

I had a long screed written here a minute ago and deleted it.

All I’m 100% certain of is Tomlin did something in an Aggieville bar that warranted arrest and entry into a diversion program.

I’m not going to delve into a situation I don’t know any facts about.

What I do know is Kansas State basketball knocked off Villanova the other night in thrilling fashion. The performance of the team is a secondary story and that’s lame. I’ll support the guys on the court and move forward with reality.

I like basketball.

If I wanted to watch a soap opera; I prefer Days of Our Lives to grown men wildly speculating on the fate of a college basketball player.