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Bring on the PodCats with ODB’s Matt Wilson

Our friend Matt Wilson is excited about Jerome Tang’s reunion in Waco and said the inexperienced Bears are dealing with some growing pains, especially in the frontcourt, that will sound very familiar to Kansas State fans.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Baylor
No one is more important to Baylor’s success than senior guard Adam Flagler.
Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State coach Jerome Tang’s reunion with his old buddies at Baylor is this Saturday, and quite surprisingly, the Cats are undefeated while the Bears are winless. We spoke to our friend Matt Wilson from Our Daily Bears (very important to note this conversation was before KSU beat Texas and TCU stunned Baylor) to talk about his new, healthy outlook on Coach Tang, as well as the significant challenge K-State will be facing.

In many ways, this team seems similar to the Cats, as they’re loaded at the guard position with players like Adam Flagler, LJ Cryer and five-star freshman Keyonte George. Then despite the return of center Flo Thamba, there are some serious consistency questions on the interior. Still, Matt’s staying optimistic (for now) and believes this team has plenty of room for growth. Just hopefully not too much on Saturday.

Be sure to check out all the great stuff put out at Our Daily Bears and if you’re really bored, I guess you could listen to Matt’s podcast with Evan Hebert, Between Two Bears. Approach with caution. Also, you should definitely follow Matt on Twitter @mattisbear.