Watch Old K-State Football & Basketball Games

My 2023 New Year's Resolution was to FINALLY get all my K-State VHS games to a digital format. I started a few days ago and have quite a few on my new blog site called "K-State Nostalgia".

Head over to watch football and basketball games, as well as other videos (pre-game 1998 NU game for example).

The best game video (IMHO) I have is the 2002 KU game in Lawrence. This was only televised over a Lawrence TV station and I had an old friend record it for me. I actually converted this one a few years back and the quality isn't all that great - so I am probably going to re-digitize this game eventually (to improve the quality).

The few basketball games I have are from the late 80s, as well as some Michael Beasley year games.

Check out the site here: K-State Nostalgia

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