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Kansas State remains RV in AP Poll

And ignored in the coaches.

This week’s poll position is an excuse for a little throwback to James Gilbert.
This week’s poll position is an excuse for a little throwback to James Gilbert.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The week two college football polls have been released, and Kansas State remains unranked.

The Wildcats did receive 18 points in the AP poll, an increase of four votes, after Saturday’s 34-0 win over South Dakota; they’d be ranked 34th if the poll worked that way. But the four points they gained with the media are counteracted by the four points K-State lost on the coaches’ ballots, which is unfortunate since the K-State had four points in the preseason coaches’ poll.

Which means that despite winning, the Cats fell off entirely.

Still, they’re on the minds of some writers, and a solid result at home against Missouri this weekend would provide more of a bump than knocking off an FCS opponent.

Speaking of Missouri, they received no votes. Alabama remains atop both polls, with Georgia and Ohio State swapping places behind them after Georgia’s rout over previously #11/12 Oregon, who were the biggest losers this week as they fell out of the AP poll to the mythical 26th spot and down to #24 on the coaches’ ballots.

The biggest winner — and the owner of the largest disparity between the two polls — was Florida. The Gators vaulted into both polls from the land of oblivion, landing at #12 in the AP and #19 in the coaches. That was effectively a jump of 25 and 18 places, respectively. In the preseason AP poll, Florida had been tied at 14 points with the Wildcats.

The other notable plunges belonged to Notre Dame, down three in the AP and four in the coaches after losing to Ohio State, and Utah, down six and seven. Michigan, USC, and BYU all got four-spot jumps in the media poll this week, while Arkansas rose six places in the coaches’ poll.

Tennessee joined Florida in the AP poll, the two teams replacing Oregon and Cincinnati. On the other side, BYU was the newcomer joining the Gators while Cincinnati and Houston fell out. The four incoming Big 12 teams are now all packed between 25-33 in the coaches poll and 21-31 in the AP.