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Dear K-State Coaches: Don’t Make Cameo Vids Without Consulting Someone

The personalized celebrity message site can absolutely be used for evil. Hilarious evil.

Hoo boy, Brian Ferentz is getting roasted
Hoo boy, Brian Ferentz is getting roasted
Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s been a tough month so far for Iowa Hawkeyes offensive coordinator-slash-nepotism beneficiary Brian Ferentz. In their season opener, Iowa couldn’t even score a touchdown against an FCS team, and their only score of the game in this weekend’s El Assico came at the end of a mighty 16-yard drive.

Iowa fans are mad, Iowa State fans are giddy, other Big Ten West fans are rofl’ing themselves silly. In fact, the only thing that’s kept the younger Ferentz from being the laughingstock of the midwest is Scott Frost skipping off to Disneyland with $15 million in Husker donor money so that he’s nowhere near this week’s annihilation at the hands of the Sooners.

We don’t know who did this. An angry Iowa fan trying to grease the skids, or a rival fan pulling a top-notch prank. Nevertheless, someone used the celebrity recording service Cameo to hire Bob Stoops and Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffrey to record a couple of personal messages, and the result is [chef’s kiss]. Buckle up for this ride.

The best part of this is “...your dad wants you to know that,” like “Kirk” had to tell Bob to tell “Brian” this.

And then there’s Coach Fran; the prankster made sure to slip a reference to going back to New England in the script, where Brian was an assistant a decade ago:

This is just absolute genius trolling, folks.

So, to the K-State coaching staff, I beg of you: don’t do this. Never let someone trick you into a Cameo message like this without reaching out to someone who can spot this sort of (hilariously brilliant) perfidy.

Because while I’m laughing my behind off while writing this, I absolutely do not under any circumstances want to have to write about it because you got clowned.