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Kansas State Basketball: TBT Bracket Challenge Returns!

Bring On The Cats is pairing with the TBT to offer you an exclusive Bring On The Cats bracket challenge, with a nice prize for winner

BKC-KANSAS-KSTATE Rich Sugg/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

It’s a hot, humid, and generally uncomfortable July. I’ve already showered off twice today, and will hit up my third shower before bed. Football is still a couple months away and basketball doesn’t tip off until November. I’m sure a few of the masochists on this site follow the Royals, but outside of you sick freaks (just kidding your loyalty is commendable) there is a void in our sports life.

Enter The Basketball Tournament.

Last year we partnered with the TBT to bring y’all a mid-summer bracket challenge, and we’re back again this year to provide you a cold glass of sports to combat the sweltering heat. This year’s Purple and Black, K-State offering has a few new players I think you will find intriguing.

Bracket Challenge

Before I get into the Purdue and Black team, let’s talk bracket challenge.

You can find the official rules here.


The short version is this is a free bracket challenge. TBT is providing you with the prizes, and it’s winner take all. Last year the winner received a sweet pair of Puma shoes and a Purple and Black T-shirt. This year, we decided to give the winner more flexibility. Instead of the shoes, we went with a $100 Puma gift card and a Purple and Black T-shirt. You’ll also be eligible for the national prize pool. All it costs you is a few moments of your time. This is something you can finish taking your morning constitutional, during your lunch break, or during a commercial break. For you Royals fans, it could be a temporary distraction from your world of baseball pain (or you could do it between innings, I don’t know your life). It’s 0 risk, all reward, and your odds are solid for the site specific prize.

To qualify for the bracket challenge, you must be a member of Bring on the Cats. In order to join our prestigious club, you must send our esteemed leader Jon a video of you properly performing the Wabash Cannonball, and write no less than a 3 page essay on why Collin Klein was robbed of the 2012 Heisman trophy (I assume most of y’all already have this essay in the can).

If you’re not a member of BOTC fill out your bracket first. As long as you’re a member by the end of the tournament we’re good.

The Bracket Challenge Closes in 3 Days. I Need Your Help To Make Sure This Continues in the Future. Please Sign Up!

Note: For all of you literal folks, the above paragraph was a joke. Please don’t send Jon a video, but feel free to publish your essay in the fan section of BOTC. The only requirement for being a member of BOTC is filling out a form on the internet. As a bonus, once you’re in, you can tell me how dumb I am for saying things like “Avery Johnson reminds me of Johnny Manziel” in the comment section.

Link to Bracket

League Name

Bring On The Cats Bracket Challenge

League Pin


Purple and Black Roster

K-State Alumni

Henry Walker

Jacob Pullen

Justin Edwards

Martavious Irving

Mike McGuirl

Thomas Gipson III

Honorary Wildcats

Khalid Thomas (Portland State)

Tavrion Dawson (Cal State Northridge)

Terrence Joyner (Mississippi Valley State)

Trevor Gaskins (Louisiana Tech and Ole Miss)

I’ll have more on the roster over the next few days, but this is an impressive roster. I think some of you may be familiar with a certain Mr. Pullen, who is back in the U.S. to play for the first time in a while. Henry (Bill) Walker is back in purple and in the U.S. to thrill the Wildcat masses. This should be a fun team that stirs up a few feelings for the EMAW masses.

Purple and Black Games

Wichita Regional

7/22 - 6 PM - (3) Purple and Black vs (6) Lone Star Legends - ESPN3

7/23 - 6 PM - Teams TBD - ESPN 3

7/25 - 8 PM - Teams TBD - ESPN 2

Bracket Tips

My first bracket tip is to not trust any bracket tips I provide. My NCAA tournament bracket was one of the worst in the nation, and my TBT bracket from last year wasn’t much better.

I’ve been doing a little research for this year, and this is what I’ve found (for the very little it’s worth):

*TBT Teams Can Be Found Here

  1. Teams that have played and won in the tournament before tend to have an advantage.
  2. Teams with a core of overseas pros or recent college grads tend to do better as the tournament progresses and fatigue becomes a factor.
  3. Always bet on Purple and Black! (I’m a terrible homer which is why my brackets tend to fall apart).