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Bring on the PodCats with Matt Wilson

Our Daily Bears managing editor Matt Wilson shares his insight on why former Baylor assistant Jerome Tang looks like a perfect fit for Kansas State basketball.

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NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Baylor
This man seems poised and prepared for success as he takes over at Kansas State
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State’s drawn universal praise from the college basketball world for the hire of Baylor assistant Jerome Tang, and you won’t hear anything different from Our Daily Bears managing editor and good friend of the PodCats, Matt Wilson. Although he’s sad to see Tang leaving Waco, Matt’s also excited about Tang getting a well-deserved and long overdue opportunity to lead his own program.

We discussed why Tang’s personality should play well in Manhattan, and how he’s impressed people everywhere he goes by just being genuinely himself. We’re already seeing it after just a short time at Kansas State. Defense appeared to be his primary calling card at Baylor, and there are some unanswered questions about how Tang’s offense might look, but there’s no doubt he brings plenty of reasons for talented recruits to come play in front of hopefully big crowds at Bramlage.

Don’t forget to follow Matt on Twitter @mattisbear, check out his work at Our Daily Bears, and he also co-hosts a podcast of his own called Between Two Bears that is sort of about Baylor sports but also lots of other weird and wacky stuff. It’s a fun listen.

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