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Kansas State Football: Spring Depth Chart - Offense?

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-LSU at Kansas State Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going start this by giving you the overview first and then going into more detail on the individual positions in subsequent articles. Please note this is my best guess at the SPRING DEPTH CHART. If a player isn’t on the official SPRING roster provided by Kansas State, they’re not on the SPRING depth chart provided by me. I would also like to reiterate that this is my best guess. I’m probably going to miss on several of these, but I’m going to avoid going with the “or” designation and try my best to give you something that makes sense. Remember this is going into practice. Things could be vastly different heading out of spring practice (that’s why they have spring practice).

Wish me luck, here goes nothing.

Spring Depth Chart


  1. Adrian Martinez
  2. Will Howard
  3. Jaren Lewis
  4. Jake Rubley

Note: Martinez won’t participate in spring practice while he recovers from shoulder surgery.

Running Back

  1. Deuce Vaughn
  2. D.J. Giddens
  3. Jordan Schippers
  4. Devrin Weathers
  5. La’James White


  1. Jax Dineen
  2. Ben Sinnott
  3. Christian Moore
  4. Jake Huggins

Wide Receiver


  1. Chabastin Taylor
  2. Kade Warner
  3. Brenen Hawkins


  1. Malik Knowles
  2. R.J. Garcia
  3. Keenan Garber


  1. Phillip Brooks
  2. Keenan Garber
  3. R.J. Garcia

Tight End

  1. Sammy Wheeler
  2. Konner Fox
  3. Will Swanson

Offensive Line

Left Tackle

  1. Cooper Beebe
  2. Carver Willis
  3. Kingsley Ugwu

Left Guard

  1. KT Leveston
  2. Dawson Delforge


  1. Hayden Gillum
  2. Hadley Panzer

Right Guard

  1. Taylor Poitier
  2. Hadley Panzer

Right Tackle

  1. Christian Duffie
  2. Kingsley Ugwu


  1. Ty Zentner
  2. Jack Blumer

Further Notes

Some of these are shots in the dark.

I think the starters on the offensive line are settled, except for center, which is a coin toss. The backups are much less certain. For instance, Hadley Panzer might be the back up RG, LG, and C if he doesn’t win the job at center. If he does, it’s possible that Hayden Gillum ends up as the back up RG, LG, and C. I also have no idea where Andrew Leingang ends up, in terms of position, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he forces himself onto the field at some point.

K-State has a bunch of similar wide receivers. I think Taylor starts on the boundary if his knee is right, but it hasn’t been right in quite some time. The other guys are fairly interchangeable but I had to put them somewhere.

Fullback is probably a toss up as well, but I’m going with Jax.

Quarterback and running back are set...unless Martinez doesn’t make it back to 100% after his shoulder surgery. The depth chart behind them is wide open.