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Bring on the PodCats with Frogs Today’s Melissa Triebwasser

Much more than just a Big 12 championship game is at stake for TCU Saturday, so Frogs Today’s Melissa Triebwasser stopped by to remind us why this game means so much for the Horned Frogs and how they got to this point.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Christian
Kansas State is the only team standing in the way of Max Duggan and TCU making the playoffs after an unbeaten season.
Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State will try to play spoiler this Saturday when it faces unbeaten, so we invited Frogs Today’s Melissa Triebwasser back on the podcast to talk about what a special season it’s been for the Horned Frogs. But don’t let her emotional, sentimental admiration and all the well-deserved accolades earned by TCU trick you into thinking they deserve to win this game. We all still remember what happened in Fort Worth on Oct. 22.

But it’s OK to hope TCU still makes the Playoff with a loss, so we talked about that possibility and what Melissa and the rest of the fanbase would do if Ohio State gets in instead. She also told us how this team has evolved and what it’s done to re-invent itself every week, always staying one step ahead of its opponents.

You can check out a lot of great Big 12 championship content over at Frogs Today and be sure to follow Melissa on Twitter @thecoachmelissa. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at TCU’s roster and its strength and weaknesses, you’ll want to check out our first podcast with Melissa back in October.