Kansas State favored to lose against unranked Oklahoma State

Kansas State and Oklahoma State are two very different 3-0 teams. The Wildcats have defeated Stanford, and just held potential first round pick Carson Strong in check in 2 of their three games. They've earned their ranking in the top-25.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State has won 3 straight one score games. Those games came against Missouri State, Tulsa, and Boise State. Not exactly the stiffest competition.

Yet despite that reality, Oklahoma State is the big favorite headed into this weekend's game. As if the way games are won doesn't matter.


Kansas State isn't just the underdogs heading into this game, they're big underdogs. They're 5.5 point underdogs, and they're given +194 odds to outright win the game. That's just an implied 34% chance to win the game. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State is given -200 odds, or an implied 66.7% chance to pull off the upset.

Kansas State is only the 2nd ranked team to be an underdog against an unranked team this year. The first was Virginia Tech against West Virginia. The oddsmakers got that one right. Does that mean they'll get this one right though?

Matchup History

Kansas State and Oklahoma State have played 67 times in their history. Kansas State has won just 26 of those games. They've also lost the last 2 games these two teams have played.

The good news for Kansas State is that since 1990 they've gone 14-8. So, it's not like they've had no success against Oklahoma State. That said, they haven't won at Oklahoma State since 1999.


Oddsmakers and history says that this is Oklahoma State's game to lose. The games that have been played this year say that Kansas State should get this win.

If K-State wants any chance at competing for a potential Big-12 title then they need this game. In all honesty, it's a game they should win.

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