We Need the Willie Skit to Return.

I'm not a writer so bear with me.

We all know what happened and why they did away with it but the Willie skit needs to find a way to return. Ever since it was removed the student section and fans in the stadium pregame have to opening, no cue as to when to go nuts. It's all just a dull murmuring and half-baked effort to self-motivate. Sure, when the players run in it gets kind of loud but not the kind that you can feel. Why do comedians and musicians have opening acts that aren't them? To get the people going and juices flowing. You can only show Crouch about getting his head ripped off so many times before it starts to lose it's affect on the crowd (okay, maybe not). But the reality is that almost every student at Kansas State today was not even born when that took place.

I just found myself on YouTube reminiscing a bit because there was an old Kansas State game in my YouTube recommended feed. The suggested video below it was the Nebraska pre-game skit with Willie in the combine. Then I watched the one where Willie was the Waterboy. It reminded me of the time when during the Willie skit, nearly everyone in the stadium had a sole united focus. No phones, no twitter, no nothing, just watching the video board and getting amped when the person representing the opposing team ran into the stadium. Then after Willie laid out the other person, the stadium was jacked. The K-S-U chant was loud and clear and most importantly of all, the crowd was focused. I have yet to be to a game since they got rid of the skit that had the same level of focus pregame.

A hype video and half baked K-S-U chant is not exactly a pre-game legacy to build on or experience that brings people to games. The Willie skit is a value-added experience. Virginia Tech's entrance to "Enter Sandman" is great example of great pre-game happenings. People aren't going to get amped up on their own. You have to work for it. You have to have something that captures the fans' attention. You have to give the fans something to feed on. For Kansas State, it was the Willie Skit.

Dear Kansas State University,

Please bring back the Willie skit. That is all.


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