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Bring on the PodCats with Viva The Matadors

VTM’s basketball aficionado, Emory Lyda, helps us try to figure out why Texas Tech didn’t fall off a cliff like Kansas State after both teams lost most of their production after winning the 2019 Big 12 title.

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NCAA Basketball: Incarnate Word at Texas Tech
Chris Beard seems to have found a formula for consistent success in Lubbock.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

No one wants to listen to another preview podcast at this point, especially with No. 13 Texas Tech coming into Manhattan. So we asked Viva The Matadors writer Emory Lyda to help us break down why K-State went so much further downhill than Texas Tech after the two teams shared a Big 12 title in 2019. He graciously agreed and provided some valuable insights as to why Chris Beard continues to find success.

Of course transfers have been critical, both going out and going in, especially since Texas Tech has been able to acquire several high impact players via the portal. Plus you may remember K-State had some issues with players leaving after last season. Recruiting, player development, leadership and that sometimes nebulous ideal of a “winning culture” also made it into our discussion. You may be surprised to hear Eric’s thoughts on what would happen if Bruce managed to snag any five-star recruits.

Overall we’d like to think it was informative, and we tried to be fair in our criticisms of K-State’s mistakes that led to where things stand today. If you can get to the end, you’ll hear some good news and reminders of what we all have to be thankful for as Kansas State fans.

Be sure to read Emory’s work at Viva The Matadors and check out his new No-Middle Madness podcast with Ryan Mainville, available on all podcast platforms.

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