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SB Nation Reacts: Kansas State ready for a bump

Last week’s confidence? Bad. This week’s? We’ll see.

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Hey, what’s my approval rating NOW?
Hey, what’s my approval rating NOW?
Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Each week, we send out questions to the most plugged in Kansas State Wildcats fans, and fans across the country. Sign up here to join Reacts.

According to last week’s SB Nation Reacts confidence poll, 40 percent of K-State fans have confidence the team is headed in the right direction. That represented a 7 percent drop from the week before after a humiliating loss to Kansas, but was still up from 38 percent two weeks prior and well above the season’s nadir the week before that.

Of course, that poll was taken before K-State broke their losing streak by beating TCU, then doubled down by knocking off top-10 Oklahoma. Will next week’s survey have the Cats back above the 50% mark for the first time in 2021? We’ll see.

The other two questions posed to the readers were conference bragging questions, essentially. The first asked which conference tournament shapes up to be the most interesting right now. 49 percent, not quite a majority but a clear plurality, tabbed the Big Ten Tournament as their choice. 25 percent said the ACC Tournament, 18 percent chose the Big 12 Tournament, and the remaining 8 percent are probably Alabama fans.

The question of which conference is the best right now, however, had a slightly different result. The Big 10 ran away with first place here, pulling two-thirds of the vote. But by a 21-11 margin, SB Nation’s readers think the Big 12 is better than the ACC right now.

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