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Bring on the PodCats with The Athletic’s Brody Miller

LSU beat writer Brody Miller from The Athletic gives us the latest on what Kansas State can expect to see from its Texas Bowl opponent.

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NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama
LSU’s Damone Clark led the SEC in tackles and was recognized as one of the nation’s top linebackers.
Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Even though we’re still two weeks out from Kansas State’s late bowl game, we thought it was time to welcome The Athletic’s LSU beat writer, Brody Miller, to the podcast. He gave us some valuable insights on what’s been a rather forgettable season for the Tigers and a wild past few weeks as they prepare for the Texas Bowl with interim coach Brad Davis while future coach Brian Kelly recruited his first signing class.

Naturally, we spent some time discussing who will play quarterback for LSU, although really the best Brody or anyone else can do is offer an educated guess at this point. He also shared some information on what’s made the Tigers defense so good for much of this season, despite losing several key players.

Be sure to check out Brody’s work at The Athletic (buy a subscription if you haven’t yet, currently 50% off) and follow him on Twitter @BrodyAMiller.

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