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I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Transfer Portal Blues Again Mama!

It’s the time of the year for the transfer portal to grow, so what does that look like for K-State?

West Virginia v Kansas State
Joe will be finding a new place to score TDs.
Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Happy December! May your waistlines be svelte and your bowel movements regular as you eat and drink your way into the holiday spirit!

If you’re in Manhattan right now, step outside. You feel that sucking sensation? No, it’s not just Nebraska, that’s the transfer portal snatching unsuspecting Kansas State Wildcats football players into the great college football void.

Joe Ervin

Joe Ervin was brushing his teeth when his roommate opened the front door and poor Joe went flying.

It feels like Joe spent more time leaving than he spent staying in Manhattan, but such is life in modern college football. This one hurts the depth at the running back position, and may not be the last unsuspecting running back vacuumed off the roster (note, I started this article a few days ago, and was correct). Ervin showed enough for a soft landing at a P5 school, but the cold, hard truth is he wasn’t going to beat out Deuce for carries and is going to try again at a school without as much competition for carries. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up back down south somewhere, closer to home.

Tyrone Howell

Tyrone was in line at Radina’s, looking forward to a scone and a dirty chai latte when someone opened the door and poor Mr. Howell was sucked into the void. He attempted to hold onto the counter, but grabbed the napkin dispenser instead and took it with him into the nether world.

Howell was another short timer. Not sure where the former JuCo product ends up, but unless someone really loves his JuCo film, he’ll probably end up moving down a level. Maybe that’s best for him. It’s his life to live as he chooses I suppose, but unless there is something going on behind the scenes, this one doesn’t make much sense to me. It doesn’t have to though.

Jacardia Wright

Jacardia was walking towards Aggieville, took a side street, and was never seen in Manhattan again. All that was left was a K-State hat perched in a tree.

Much like Joe Ervin, Jacardia got Deuced. Unlike Joe, his progress also stalled out in Manhattan. He certainly looks like a good football player, but I think he’s another guy that moves down a level. Plenty of MAC schools in the Midwest in need of a physically gifted back like Wright.

Wayne Jones

Wayne was a peculiar case. He left the practice field to relieve himself and all they found was gloves on the floor of the bathroom.

Shout out to Wayne for wrapping up his diploma before venture out into the great unknown. In terms of recruits, he’s the most highly touted of this group to hit the eject button. He moved to linebacker this year, and I’ve got a feeling that might have a little something to do with him hitting the road. I thought he would be an impact player, but he had 11 tackles. Based on the high school pedigree, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him bounce back at another P5 school, but back at strong safety.

Aamaris Brown

This is another sad story. Brown was preparing to go as Willie the Wildcat for Halloween, but as soon as he put the Wildcat head on, it sucked him into the portal world. A devious trap if you ask me.

Brown is from South Florida, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up back in South Florida. He had some P5 interest coming out of high school, but something a little warmer and in the G5 genre makes sense here. He was a nice depth piece with potential, but it looks like he didn’t want to wait around to see if that potential was going to payoff in playing time down the line. Again, I don’t know his life. I hope he finds what he’s looking for at his next stop.

Jaelon Travis

If you’ve watched Ghost Busters, you’ll understand what happened to Jaelon. The coaching staff tossed one of those containment unit things underneath him, and then hand delivered him to the portal (he was dismissed for a violation of team rules).

Jaelon is from Texas, and I’m going to guess that’s where he returns. Not sure what he did to get auto-banned from the K-State program, but as long as it’s not too egregious, he’ll find someplace to play, but probably on the FCS level. Hope he gets it figured out, we’re all better off when someone succeeds.


This, good readers, is the new world of college football. The portal giveth and the portal taketh away. To date, the portal has given K-State way more than it has taken. I suspect that will be the case again this year as well.

The portal allows K-State to roll the dice on some recruits, and if it doesn’t work out, there is nothing stopping them from leaving the program and being replaced by someone looking for a new home in the program. Recruiting, at this point, is all about landing quality offensive linemen, hitting a few home runs, and filling in the gaps with guys from the portal.

That salty K-State defense you saw this season, it was brought to you in-part by the transfer portal. The revamped wide receiver group we’re all lusting for, will be brought to you by the transfer portal. Got to send a few guys out to bring a few guys in.

This will all work out in the end.