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Bring on the PodCats with WRNL’s Levi Stevenson

Wide Right Natty Lite’s managing editor returns to give us an idea of the huge challenge K-State’s offense will face and explain why special teams might be the best hope for the Wildcats to pick up a win on Saturday.

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NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor
Iowa State’s defense is very scary.
Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State’s visiting Manhattan on Saturday, so we welcomed Wide Right & Natty Lite managing editor Levi Stevenson back to the podcast and spent some time discussing what makes Farmageddon such a fun rivalry. Of course, it was considerably less fun for us in last season’s 45-0 loss, and Levi unfortunately informs us the Cyclones defense looks similarly dominant so far in 2021. Hopefully Skylar can run a little bit and give K-State’s offense an added dimension.

The good news is Iowa State has been considerably less impressive in the other two phases of the game, although Levi notes Breece Hall seems to be returning to form after dealing with injury in the first couple weeks. Special teams might be the best chance for Kansas State to find an advantage in what could be a pivotal game for both programs.

Be sure to check out the great content from Levi and others over at WRNL and they’ve also got an impressive podcast network, featuring three podcasts and a YouTube show, complete with local sponsors. Their Kansas State preview dropped yesterday. Don’t forget to follow the blog on Twitter @widertnattylt.

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