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Bring on the PodCats with The Eagle’s Travis Brown

Kansas State’s preparing for a pillow fight against Texas A&M, so we asked Travis Brown to help us preview the matchup.

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NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Mississippi
A&M fans think their team has been going through a rough stretch, losing 5 of their last 6 games, all by double digits. K-State fans are jealous only one of those losses was by 20+.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Wednesday’s disgrace in Waco, Kansas State will play another basketball game on Saturday against Texas A&M. Fortunately, Eric and I spent the second half of that loss talking with the Bryan/College Station Eagle’s beat writer Travis Brown, who informed us the Aggies are going through a bit of a rebuilding season themselves.

I regret to inform you Texas A&M defends respectably well and plays at an even slower tempo than Kansas State. Fortunately, Travis tells us all about A&M’s offensive woes, including some turnover numbers that would make even Bruce Weber blush. We even discovered an offensive gameplan that might work for Kansas State against Buzz Williams’ crazy defense and undersized frontcourt. This game might be close and K-State could win. No, really. Maybe.

You can check out coverage from Travis at The Eagle’s website and follow him on Twitter at @Travis_L_Brown.

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