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2021 K-State Football

Bring on the PodCats with Frogs O’War’s Melissa Triebwasser

Frogs O’War managing editor Melissa Triebwasser returns to explain why Kansas State’s offense shouldn’t have much trouble moving the ball this weekend and it’s unlikely Gary Patterson will be going anywhere before his contract expires in 2024.

2021 Big 12 Power Rankings - Week 8

We’ve got a logjam near the top, and KU very nearly caused major chaos.

Sunday Evening (S)Late

Kansas State narrowly avoids another loss in football.

Kansas State at Texas Tech: Open Game Thread

The Wildcats and Red Raiders square off at a critical point for both squads.

K-State Defense FAQ

You have questions, we have answers.

How to Watch: K-State at Texas Tech

A crucial stretch begins for the beleaguered Wildcats.

Kansas State Football: Danger! Danger!

Things aren't great right now, and the next stretch is crucial.

2021 Big 12 Power Rankings - Week 7

It was a rough weekend for the Wildcats, but a good weekend for the future of the Big 12

Iowa State 33, Kansas State 20: What was that?

The Wildcats looked off from the start, and never could quite find their footing against the visiting Cyclones.

K-State vs Iowa State: Open Game Thread


Slate: Farmageddon!

Kansas State takes on Iowa State tonight


Revenge time.

Kansas State Defense: In Need of a Closer

With Khalid Duke out, who will step up for the Wildcats.

Bring on the PodCats with WRNL’s Levi Stevenson

Wide Right Natty Lite’s managing editor returns to give us an idea of the huge challenge K-State’s offense will face and explain why special teams might be the best hope for the Wildcats to pick up a win on Saturday.

Skylar Thompson: It’s the Little Things that Kill

With Skylar hobbled, taking away a huge part of his game, how effective was he against OU?

2021 Big 12 Power Rankings - Week 6

We might have a breakthrough.

Kansas State Football: Oklahoma Stats Review

Pure chaos.

2021 Big 12 Power Rankings - Week 5

The Cowboys remain on top, but how much longer does that last?

Oklahoma 37, K-State 31: Skylar Returns

A fumble, some bad calls, and a sketchy defense ruined one of K-State’s best offensive performances in a long while.

K-State vs Oklahoma: Open Game Thread

The Wildcats will look to get back on track, but the Sooners are in Manhattan today looking for revenge.

Slate: Sooner Gameday!

Can Kansas State make it three-in-a-row against Oklahoma?

K-State Offense vs Oklahoma Defense by the Numbers

Drew takes a look at the Kansas State offense and Oklahoma defense.

How to Watch: Oklahoma at K-State

Obviously, K-State is going to get their heads kicked in.

Kansas State Football: Oklahoma State Stats Review

Drew reviews the stats breakdown from the loss to the Cowboys.

Bring on the PodCats with Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney returns to explain why OU’s defense looks so much better this season but Sooner fans are still concerned about whether their offense is good enough to avoid a third straight loss to Kansas State.

SLATE: Plenty of Questions

And some won’t be answered until Saturday.

2021 Big 12 Power Rankings - Week 4

Now that basically everyone has played a conference game, time to start slotting teams.

Slate: The Big Nope?

Kansas State did not cover itself in glory in Stillwater.

Oklahoma State 31, K-State 20: Lousy Reception

Seems like all anyone wants to do is talk about the quarterbacks, but there’s a much larger problem.

Kansas State at Oklahoma State: Open Game Thread

It’s time for the Wildcats and Cowboys to start conference play. One team will start out 1-0.

Slate: Cowboys Gameday!

The Wildcats hit the road for Big 12 play

How to Watch: K-State at Oklahoma State

Once again, ranked ag schools are relegated to the internet.


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