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Bring on the PodCats with Allen Kenney

A writer for Crimson and Cream joins us again as we prepare for K-State’s massive challenge at Oklahoma

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NCAA Football: Missouri State at Oklahoma
Yes, Oklahoma found another outstanding quarterback, because of course they did.
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It’s been a weird season of college football with so much focus on the coronavirus and teams are often taking different approaches, as exemplified by Kansas State and Oklahoma. Allen Kenney of Crimson and Cream Machine (also a writer for Athlon Sports) joined TB and myself in discussing some of those decisions, what they mean, and just how much of a role COVID-19 has played and will continue to play as this season rolls along. We didn’t even consider the possibility of coronavirus forcing the postponement of this game, which may have been a legitimate discussion, depending on whose reporting you believe.

Of course, we also talked about football, including what went wrong in K-State’s disastrous season opening loss against Kansas State Arkansas State. Ideally some issues such as Skylar’s overthrows, the offensive line and K-State’s pass coverage will improve, but of course Allen reminds us OU quarterback Spencer Rattler and his speedy receivers could cause some very serious new problems. The Sooners also have some solid athletes on defense, though it remains to be seen if they’ll be better on that side of the ball.

Don’t forget to read Allen’s work and listen to his podcast at Crimson and Cream Machine, and you can follow him on Twitter at @blatanthomerism.

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