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Big 12 Roundup: Whatever

Recapping all the conference action in GIFs

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Tournament Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 kicked off its 2020 campaign in a peak Big 12 way, with some fireworks, some disappointment, inexplicable drama, and to round out the first weekend of play, the expected metaphorical tire fire.

COVID 3, Big 12 0

Coronavirus outbreaks required the postponement of three Big 12 non-conference games. TCU’s annual rivalry game against SMU has been cancelled. Oklahoma State and Tulsa will play a week later than scheduled, kicking off on September 19. Finally. after Baylor learned its game with Louisiana Tech was indefinitely postponed, the school moved quickly and scheduled a game with Houston instead.

Big 12 3 Cupcakes 0

Is Texas back? Is Oklahoma’s Spencer Rattler a Heisman contender? Is West Virginia the real deal? Nobody knows.

Texas Tech 18 FCS 0

The Red Raiders held on to dispatch Houston Baptist 35-33. Texas Tech has now won 18 consecutive games against FCS teams, and that’s pretty much the only good thing to come out of this game.

What is a Sun Belt and please can you make it stop?

Suffice it to say the Big 12 North did not cover itself in glory this past weekend. Iowa State tripped over its own preseason expectations and Kansas State did things we will not discuss ever again. Also, in news that surprises nobody, Kansas attempted football and failed miserably.

And finally, a word from these guys, proud sponsors of 2020: