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Slate: It’s now an outbreak

Kansas State announced 8 student athletes have tested positive for corona-virus.

Iowa State v Kansas State
No more close contact for awhile
Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Let’s keep it short and sweet today shall we?


Why a question mark? Well Kansas State announced that EIGHT student athletes have tested positive for Covid-19. What we don’t know is if all 8 are part of the football team. A total of 130 athletes have been tested by K-State. Obviously this is a bit of a set back, but hopefully with smart procedures in place everything can be contained. (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

In other football news, Austin Siegel with K-State Sports Extra spoke with new Assistant Head Coach Van Malone about how the Wildcat coaching staff is supporting student athletes as they speak up on social and racial equality. (I’ll remind everyone that we will not allow political commentary in the comment section, please keep that in mind.)


In basketball news, both KU and K-State are targeting junior combo guard Rylan Griffen out of Richardson High school in Texas. Griffen is currently rated as the 29th overall player in the 2022 class according to (Gary Bedore, KC Star)