Greatest Wildcats Jersey Countdown: #82

#82 James Terry (WR) 2002-2003


Why?: He came to K-State as a lanky, tall receiver and left as the single-season receiving yardage record holder. James Terry arrived on campus in 2002, alongside two other junior college transfers in Tony Madison and John Cooper. Only Terry made a significant impact on the team. Terry was not even on the depth chart to start the season, but before the Wildcats had finished non-conference play, he was already proving he had the skills to be a top-notch wide receiver. By the end of that junior year, Terry had put Davin Dennis and Antoine Polite on the bench, breaking into the starting lineup alongside Derrick Evans and Taco Wallace. The 2003 season saw Terry become the go-to receiver for Ell Roberson, surpassing Polite and Dennis (Evans had been kicked off the team at the start of the year). Terry simply exploded on the year, finishing with 1,232 yards and 13 touchdowns (one shy of tying the school record). Terry was placed on the second team All-Conference list at the end of the year as well as earning Honorable Mention All-America honors. Terry went on to play one year in the NFL and one in the CFL after his impressive career at K-State was finished.

Career Numbers:

Catches: 92

Yards: 1,793

YPC: 19.49

TDs: 18

Most Memorable Play: Yes, he caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Roberson in the Big XII title game, but before that he caught a similar pass in Lincoln against the Huskers. At the end of the third quarter, the Wildcats were only up 17 to 7, certainly not in control yet. That all changed when Roberson dropped back, pump-faked under pressure, and heaved a bomb to Terry. Terry ran under it, having already beaten his man, and took it down the sideline 63 yards for a touchdown that gave the Wildcats a three-possession lead, putting the game away.

Current Player on the Roster Wearing #82: Cameron Cotton – Junior TE

Odds to Replace Terry on This List: Less than 1%. Considering he has no catches in his career, and he would have to beat out at least Nick Lenners & Briley Moore to get into a position to get enough catches, this is another unlikely situation. Terry may not be the in the top 5 of greatest receivers, but his spot on this list is pretty secure.

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