Greatest Wildcats Jersey Countdown: #84

#84 Tyson Schweiger (WR) 1991-1995 (Others considered: Mike Kuhn)


Why?: The second member of arguably the greatest receiving corps in school history, Tyson Schweiger was a little-thought of reserve wide receiver in 1992 and 1993, backing up first Gerald Benton and then Kevin Lockett, while watching those two and Mitch Running and Andre Coleman haul in amazing catches. In 1994, Schweiger got his chance to break the starting lineup and he delivered. Schweiger went on to lead the team in catches that season with 44. The Wildcat running game was a strength that year, led by senior J.J. Smith, and the passing game fell off a bit from the previous year. Schweiger never again led the team in any category, but he was a critical possession receiver, and when combined with the go-to hands of Kevin Lockett, and the deep threat capability of Mitch Running, he proved he could contribute to the success of the team. Schweiger was an All-Conference selection at the end of his junior year. In 1995, Schweiger was again a critical piece of the Wildcat passing game, helping the Wildcats to their best finish since 1910. His career touchdowns still rank 13th all-time. Schweiger never played professionally, but he will always be remembered as a part of the receiving corps that set a school record for passing touchdowns in one season with 27.

Career Numbers:

Yards: 1,122

TDs: 10

Most Memorable Play: Facing Colorado State in the 1995 Holiday Bowl, the Wildcats held a 26-7 lead at halftime and the Cats were looking for more in the second half. With more than 10 minutes to go in the third quarter, the Wildcats were inside the CSU 20 yard line, and Brian Kavanaugh found Schweiger across the middle. Schweiger hauled in the pass, broke one tackle, jumped out of another ankle grab, and raced 18 yards into the endzone to put the Cats up 32-7.

Current Player on the Roster Wearing #84: Thomas Helten – Sophomore WR

Odds to Replace Schweiger on This List: 5%. Schweiger may be the forgotten member of the great 1995 receiving corps, definitely overshadowed by Kevin Lockett and Mitch Running, but his ability to move the chains and make consistent catches allowed him to build up an impressive career stat line. That said, it would take a lot for Helten to break into the rotation enough to eclipse Schweiger. Not out of the question, but highly unlikely.

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