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Slate: K-State snags a JUCO Commit.

K-State grabs a verbal commit from a JUCO linebacker, plus odds and ends.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 26 Oklahoma at Kansas State Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a bit folks. After taking a month and working from home which caused disruptions to my availability to type out a slate for you, I have returned! (to work and slate writing complete with all the spelling, grammatical, and written errors you’ve come to know and love). So without further ado lets get onto some much needed sports coverage. (and we actually have some sports coverage to discus).


We’ve all had time to catch up on our Netflix binges these past few weeks, and for many on this site I’ll assume you’ve seen or at least heard of “Last Chance U”. If this is true, then you’ll likely recognize the name of the JUCO where K-State’s newest commit, DeShawn Page, played last season, East Mississippi Community College. Page played with EMCC last season as a freshman, and chose the Wildcats over an offer from Oklahoma State. He did make it clear in his commitment post that his recruitment is still open to other schools and programs, so you know grain of salt on this one. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

In other recruiting news, Coach Klieman and staff are battling some familiar foes for the services of the top high school player in North Dakota, Andrew Leingang. Leingang is a standout, first team all-state lineman on both offense and defense and currently holds offers from North Dakota State (Kliemans old school...duh...), and Wyoming (Craig Bohl hired Chris Klieman at North Dakota State). The Wildcats are the first power five team to offer Leingang. (Dom Izzo, The Forum and WDAY)


Let’s head back into the way-back machine for a trip to 2012 and re-live the acrimonious marriage of John Currie and Frank Martin. The popular narrative at the time (and now) was the relationship between Currie and Martin caused Martin to leave, but that may not be the case as Martin address in an interview with Sports Radio 810. (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

Jumping back now to present day sports, besides the return of Korean Baseball (go Dinos), “The Last Dance” documentary about the Bulls 97 season has been the biggest sports talking point since this quarantine started. Sophomore guard DeJuan Gordon agrees. The Chicago native “can’t get enough” of the series, even if he wasn’t alive to see those teams (and typing that sentace made me feel ancient). (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

Talking point for the day...Best vacation you’ve ever had? Mine was when my wife and I went to Greece for our fifth anniversary/honeymoon. Two weeks spent without a cell phone, over seas in a place we had never been before with no family, friends, or anyone to rely on but was amazing. So much beauty and history....can’t wait to be able to travel again.

And that’s all I’ve got today folks. Glad to be back, apologies again for leaving everyone hanging for a while there, stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, and be kind to one another. We’re all in this together.