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Bring on the PodCats with WRNL’s Levi Stevenson

Levi Stevenson explains why the Cyclones aren’t living up to expectations and tries to convince himself there’s maybe a small chance Tyrese Haliburton would turn down lottery pick money to play another year at Iowa State.

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NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Iowa State
Will this be Tyrese Halliburton’s last visit to Manhattan?
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State and Iowa State will likely find themselves deadlocked for 9th place heading into Saturday’s contest at Hilton Coliseum, so perhaps this matchup won’t interest many people around the league. But it’s a key game for both schools, so we invited Wide Right & Natty Lite’s managing editor Levi Stevenson on the podcast to learn more about what’s gone wrong for the Cyclones this season.

Mostly, it’s 3-point shooting, poor defense and the lack of consistent play inside, though Solomon Young’s been trying his best to change that lately. Tyrese Haliburton is one of the best point guards in the country, but even he can only do so much to carry Iowa State. Levi also laments how even the once renowned “Hilton Magic” seems to be mostly gone this season.

You can check out the great and hilarious work of Levi and others at WRNL, and he’s the primary tweeter @WideRtNattyLt.

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