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Bring on the PodCats with Nick Leckey

Our favorite former All-American still fully believes in Chris Klieman and the Cats after a weird, disappointing 2020 season.

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NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas State
It’s easy to wonder how differently this season would have gone if not for Skylar Thompson’s unfortunate injury.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Tye and I needed some help finding reasons to be optimistic after watching Kansas State’s promising start to the 2020 season go up in flames, so we turned to our friend and former K-State All-American center Nick Leckey. Naturally, he did not disappoint, and he remains high on coach Chris Klieman, as well as offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham and others.

Beyond just Deuce Vaughn and the sometimes dominant defensive line, Nick found plenty to like about a season many of us would just as soon forget. We also talked about some fun hypotheticals, thinking about how Skylar’s presence could have changed the season and what might happen if we were the ones in charge of deciding where and who Kansas State plays in a 2020 bowl game.

Editor’s note: We recorded this podcast a week and a half ago, before I knew we’d be doing a Signing Day PodCats, and then I just got lazy. As a result, a few things are outdated, such as our discussion of whether Skylar will stick around for a fifth year (thankfully yes) and if Iowa State could beat Oklahoma (almost). Mostly, though, I think you’ll still find our discussion relevant, unless you’re just pretending the 2020 season didn’t happen.

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