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Bring on the PodCats with MattIsBear

Things got a little wild as conversation about Kansas State-Baylor veered into some dark places with an old friend of the podcast.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor
Which version of Charlie Brewer will Kansas State see on Saturday?

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Things always get a little weird when Matt Wilson of Our Daily Bears (also known as Mattisbear) joins the podcast, and that’s even more true when Kansas State and Baylor haven’t won a football game in more than a month. We spent a little bit of time discussing quarterback Charlie Brewer, Baylor’s running back woes, and what the Bears defense will look like following an injury to the Big 12’s leading tackler, Terrel Bernard. But really, how much do we even care about that at this point.

So yeah, there was some COVID-19 grumbling, Texans slander, discussion about the Houston Rockets’ star players, and we even let Matt gloat about Baylor’s outstanding basketball team. If you listen to the end, you’ll even hear his discuss the defining characteristic of Pixar moms that inspired him to create this bracket. But we won’t blame you if you decide to skip that part.

Those interested in that topic might want to follow Matt on Twitter at @mattisbear and be sure to check out Our Daily Bears. You can even find some actual hard-hitting Baylor analysis on Our Daily Podcast.

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